15 ideas to make your engagement photos sparkle

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Picture this: you or your partner bent down on one knee, pulled out a beautiful ring, and asked to spend the rest of your lives together. 

Maybe it took place before a breathtaking waterfall, in your favorite restaurant, or on the couch while you were watching a reality show. However it happened, you have an engagement to celebrate—and a set of stunning engagement photos is the perfect way to share your euphoria with the world.

The only question remaining is, what will your engagement photos look like?

Engagement photos offer a remarkable opportunity to capture your commitment as a couple and to share your thrilling news with friends and family. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with your wedding photographer before the big day. If you’re stuck on deciding where to take them, how to pose, and what to wear, don’t worry. We have all the engagement photo ideas you need for photoshoot success.

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Say “I do” to these engagement photoshoot locations

A skilled photographer can bring out the beauty in every photograph. But to make your engagement photos extra meaningful, you’ll want to choose a location that speaks to you and your spouse-to-be. 

Your location not only serves as a backdrop for your engagement shoot—it can also represent your personalities and the experiences you’ve shared. When it comes to looking for engagement or save the date photo ideas, finding the perfect place sets the tone for the day—especially if you’ll be including your photos on your save the dates, wedding invitations, or wedding website.

Consider the following engagement photo locations:

— Enjoy your local scenery: An engagement doesn’t happen in a vacuum—the places and settings around where you live have likely played a part in your time together. Reflect on your exciting news with the help of the places that make your town or city shine. Whether you prefer to stroll down Main Street, pose on a historic bridge, or walk through a local park, you can capture the memories in every picture. 

— Share your interests: Think about where you and your future spouse love spending quality time, and find a location that mirrors those interests. You can take photos at the arcade, a hiking trail, an ice rink, your favorite winery, or even your local pub. Keep the spark alive and well by enjoying all the little things together—and capturing them in your engagement photos.

— Go for an adventure: If you have a willing photographer, you can take your engagement photos while making some new memories. Hike through a beautiful mountain trail, take a sailboat tour, or discover a secret waterfall. Capture your adventurous spirit before embarking on your biggest adventure yet.  

— Reminisce at your first date spot: What better engagement photo shoot location than the scene of your first date? If you have a unique first-date location that holds a special place in your heart, you can memorialize it forever. Whether you fell in love at the aquarium, the art museum, or a coffee shop, you can pay tribute to your beginnings in a heartfelt way. 

— Find an interesting structure: If there’s a gazebo, fountain, or mural that always catches your eye, an engagement photo session provides the perfect excuse for you two to explore it together. Who knows? It may become your new favorite date spot. 

Wherever you go, be sure to check the weather and choose a time of day that will complement your photoshoot. For magical natural lighting, venture out during golden hour to capture beautiful warm hues.

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Bring props to make your engagement photos pop

A simple, posed photo can feel special no matter how you take it—your happy faces make this magic work. But if you want a photo that feels especially authentic, some carefully chosen props may be just the addition you need. 

The trick to finding helpful engagement photo props relies on their ability to spark a connection between you and your future spouse. They should also do so without detracting from the photo’s most important subjects—the two of you. 

— Share food and drink: While you may want to avoid eating a plate of spaghetti, having an easy-to-eat food item can make for an especially cute picture. Feed your partner a slice of cake (wedding foreshadowing, anyone?) or a piece of pizza for a sweet, intimate photograph. You could also share a milkshake, an ice cream cone, or toast to your future with a glass of Champagne.

— Let your pet in on the fun: Do you and your significant other co-parent a pet together? Bring them along! Posing with a dog (or any pet you own) can make for a friendly photoshoot guaranteed to bring out genuine smiles. If you’re planning on building a family together, your pets come with the package. 

— Bring balloons: Go for a classic celebratory prop with some gorgeous balloons. They can round out your color scheme and add a lot of fun poses for your photographer to capture. For a “wedding” feel, source balloons in gold and silver hues—or pick balloons in your and your partner’s favorite colors.

— Go on a picnic: Want to take advantage of good weather? Grab a picnic basket, a few pillows, and some fresh lemonade. Add a gingham blanket for some cozy and wholesome picnic pictures. 

— Put it on a sign: Be creative with a chalkboard sign that says it all. Go with the classic “I said yes!” sign, or be a little more niche by referencing a shared interest or inside joke. You can also include the date you got engaged or the date of your future wedding.

— Bring a book: Are you and your partner major bookworms? Your engagement photos are a perfect place to highlight this interest (or maybe even recreate your favorite love story). Snap some shots of one person reading aloud to the other, or of you peering at a page together. Be sure to choose a story that makes both of your faces light up with joy.

— Say hello to sparklers: If your engagement shoot takes place at night, ​implement some dazzling sparklers in your photos to provide dynamic lighting and composition. Give your photographer room to play around while you focus on celebrating your spark.  

Your engagement photo shoot is about the two of you, so whatever photo idea you choose, be sure it feels special. You can even use the same prop in your wedding day photos to tie the two sessions together.  

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Plan engagement photo outfits that celebrate your style

Your future may be full of fabulous wedding dresses and/or handsome tuxes. But when it comes to your engagement photos, your wardrobe options are wide open. 

To take a photo that feels cohesive yet natural, plan your outfits together with your partner. Choose clothing that highlights the importance of this event, but that you both feel comfortable in, too. We’re not saying you need to match—but having an outfit theme can set you on the right path. Here are some ideas to start with:

— Opt for a dressy-casual look: When taking engagement photos, you can present a slightly elevated look without appearing too formal. Treat your photo session like you’re going on a nice date and dress accordingly. Wearing a simple dress, button-down shirt, or a nice pair of slacks can help you and your partner appear stylish without going over the top.

— Celebrate the season: Cherish your engagement memories by leaning into the season. Don stocking caps and scarves for a photo shoot session in the snow. Wear warm scarves and cozy layers for a fall-inspired feel. Treat your photoshoot like a summer vacation with light linens or sundresses. Whatever month you plan to say “I do,” you can celebrate this season of love right now. 

— Capture your quirks: If you and your significant other pride yourselves on your unique style, let it shine. Wear vintage-inspired outfits, matching leather jackets, or show some school spirit. Whatever you think will make your engagement photos a memorable and enjoyable experience, go for it—after all, this is your moment.

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Choose romantic poses for you and your partner

When you’re with the one you love, just being together might feel like the most natural thing in the world. But for some couples, posing intimately in front of a camera doesn’t always come naturally. 

Luckily, a gifted photographer will know how to coordinate a photo session to keep you and your partner as comfortable as possible. They may also provide cues to help you find dynamic engagement photo poses together.

Still, having a few pose ideas in your back pocket can come in handy and help banish any nerves as the photoshoot begins. You can even practice these with your partner at home before the photoshoot happens:

— Hold hands

— Go in for a warm hug

— Press your foreheads together

— Lounge around in the grass, on benches, or on chairs

— Have one partner hug the other from behind

— Kiss each other lightly (or go for the nose, forehead, or cheek)

— Cup your partner’s face with your hand (an ideal shot to show off an engagement ring)

— Go for a stroll while linking arms or hands

— Recreate the moment of the proposal

— Spin and twirl around

— Try a few dance moves

Finding the perfect engagement photo poses that you and your partner are comfortable with can make the photoshoot session a smooth and fun ride.  

Tips for sharing your engagement photos

Once you receive your engagement photos from the photographer, the real fun can begin. Share your joy with the world and spread your photos near and far. These photos can act as a general engagement announcement or serve you in several other ways. 

Your engagement pictures can be used all throughout your wedding planning. Many couples use their engagement photos for their wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and as decorations at showers and ceremonies. Your beautiful pictures can also make an excellent souvenir—don’t be surprised to see them gracing your mother-in-law’s refrigerator for years to come. 

In other words, your engagement photos can serve you in every part of your marriage journey—and online engagement party invitations or cards are the perfect way to send them to everyone you love. Here are a few examples to start with:

Adored: Celebrate your union with an engagement announcement that brings you and your partner closer than ever. 

Engaged Hearts: Put your heart on your sleeve with an engagement party invitation sure to make your guests fall in love. 

Evelina: Bask in the golden glory of a save the date that showcases your gorgeous engagement photos.  

Budding Vine: Begin your journey of growing and blooming together with a wedding invitation to encapsulate your evergreen love.  

Placard: After your wedding, thank your guests for following you through your engagement journey with a thank you card. Bid your engagement a fond farewell as you move onto married life. 

Getting engaged comes with plenty of follow-up questions such as when to send out wedding invitations, which theme to choose for the big day, or who to put on the wedding guest list. But for now, take the time to enjoy being together—and admiring your beautiful new engagement photos—before the planning starts. 

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There are so many creative ideas for capturing the perfect engagement photos. Your engagement is just one part of many joyful moments to come—but making a commitment to another person is no small feat. Make sure you give your engagement the celebration it truly deserves with a memorable engagement photoshoot.

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