Paperless Playlist: Our favorite holiday songs

We spend a lot of time telling you how to host and what to bring, so we figure turnabout’s fair play. A good few of us are hosting holiday parties this year: some are grand affairs worthy of House and Garden, some are… more modest in ambition. One thing that unifies them, though, is a good holiday playlist. We asked the best DJs in our office for some help on the 1s and 2s and we now come bearing the ultimate holiday soundtrack. Quick, put this on:



While this playlist is a group effort, a lot of the creative sound direction came from one of our product designers, Norah. When asked about her inspirations, she said “This is the kind of playlist I like to imagine would be on in the back of a fancy cocktail party, where everyone’s sipping Manhattans and Old-Fashioneds and enjoying the holidays. Or I have it on when I’m making pie and drunk on boozy eggnog.” She wanted to pay special notice to her favorite Christmas album: Hanson’s Snowed In. “It’s very unfairly slept on.” Guess we’ll have to listen to find out.


Cue the music and send the invitations—browse holiday party designs or start thinking about your yearly greeting card.

Getty Images Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic for Mariah Carey