Stationer Cheree Berry’s tips for every type of Christmas party

Cheree Berry's Christmas party tips
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Clever and conceptual, our design partner Cheree Berry’s signature style brings visual puns, cute quips, and retro vibes to your most celebratory moments. She is the founder of Cheree Berry Paper in St. Louis and a go-to stationer for hosts-in-the-know across the country. Her thoughtful attention to detail and warmth can make all the difference in ensuring that guests feel considered. From why she’s a fan of a kids’ table to the genius idea that inspired one of her latest party invitations—here are Cheree’s tips on throwing holiday and Christmas parties (hint: it all starts with the invitation).

Holiday party hosting tips from Cheree Berry

“Ribbon Party Invitation” by Cheree Berry.

Dinner parties

For holiday dinner parties, we are all about ease and fun! We fully support meals that include a kids table, giving adults time to catch up separately. Our Snowy Day Placemats are great for both the adult and kids tables as they add design to your table and can go straight in the recycling bin post-party. They also have a sweet, built-in place card so you can control the dynamic of the table. 

holiday dinner party tips from Cheree Berry Paper x Paperless Post

“Candy Cutlery Invitation” by Cheree Berry.


For the kids’ table, our reindeer straws provide a festive-spin on a sparkling apple juice, and they get kids talking about the wonders of Christmas! After dinner, for the kids, might we suggest our Pin the Nose on Rudolph game. Find a wall, some tape, and a blindfold. That’s it, spin the kids and see what happens.

For an adults-only party, if Cards Against Humanity is not the right tone for all guests involved, we suggest the Name Game (also known as Celebrity or Fishbowl). It’s so easy to play and a huge crowd pleaser! Only scraps of paper and pens required. 

Christmas Cookie exchange 

Cookie exchanges are great ways to connect with friends and experiment with new cookie recipes! In our opinion, presentation is everything! We love lining a silver tin with patterned wax paper for a pop of color, which also ensures that the doughy delights don’t stick together. Then, top with a bow. We also love delivering the cookies with cute oven mitts and leaving them behind as a hostess gift. And a print-out of the recipe as a tag is a great detail. 

“Ginger Neighbor Invitation” by Cheree Berry.


If you’re hosting kids’ lean into the chaos of it all. The joy you see from kids building a gingerbread house is almost worth the effort and chaos that comes with planning this type of party. For a gingerbread house decorating party, we suggest giving each child an assigned workplace around the kitchen table or island. Line the table with butcher paper so once the houses are in their boxes and out the door, you can roll up the paper.

Chocolate decorating pens are also great for kids and easier to handle than a plastic bag with icing. Watch the artful, playful activity unfold. Festive but calm music is ideal—swap Kids Bop for the Nutcracker Suite.

Work holiday party 

We’re in the custom business, so no two CBP holiday parties are alike. One year we had the party in our office, and so we turned our water cooler into a wine cooler. Out of this came our Wine Cooler invitation. It’s a festive spin on a universal office motif. And yes, the water came out slightly pink the next day. 

Holiday office party tips from Cheree Berry

“Wine Cooler Invitation” by Cheree Berry.


CBP is also known for storytelling and weaving in personalized details, so we try and get as meaningful as possible with our games or gifts. At last year’s holiday party, to recognize the team (and for a few more laughs) we had a superlative celebration. Maybe we’re the only ones that appreciate most of the distinctions, but here are a few from the list:

Most Likely to Multitask in Her Sleep

Most Likely to Style Your Desk When You Aren’t Looking

Most Likely to be a Barista in a Past Life



Plaid tidings

We’re mad for plaid this season, so the “Plaid Tidings Invitation” is a result of that current obsession. This party theme is a perfect chance to shake up the ugly sweater soiree by challenging your guests to wear tartan. Something as simple as a scarf, socks, or tie is festive, fun, and not too difficult. Attire options that aren’t too daunting are great for conversation.

Plaid Tidings by Cheree Berry available at Paperless Post
“Plaid Tidings Invitation” by Cheree Berry


Ready for the holidays? Browse our invitations for your upcoming celebration or take a look at Cheree’s collection. For more inspiration check out Cheree’s tips for hosting a milestone birthday party. Head here for our take on how to host an ugly Christmas sweater party.