15 destination wedding save the date ideas and wording examples

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Save the dates are a good idea for every type of wedding—but for destination weddings, they’re a necessity. A well-timed save the date for a destination wedding gives guests advance notice to make travel plans, find accommodations, and look forward to a wedding—and trip—of a lifetime.

To simplify the process, we’ve gathered destination wedding save the date ideas for every kind of wedding theme or location. Whether you’re planning a winter wedding in the forest, a country wedding on a farm, or a tropical wedding on the beach, Paperless Post has the perfect destination wedding save the date for you.

Destination wedding save the date wording tips

A save the date with a gold and white image of the earth and a heart-shaped marker, with individual card details noted.
Enter Our Destination” by Paperless Post.


Unlike other types of save the date announcements, save the dates for destination weddings provide a bit more information. Add the details below to keep the planning process running smoothly for both you and your guests.

  • Date: Since it’s called a “save the date,” the date is the most important part to include. If your destination wedding is part of a longer vacation with more than one event, add the full span of days that guests can attend and a summary of the itinerary.
  • Location: Make it clear that this wedding isn’t local. You don’t need to include your specific venue—although you can if you have one already. At least let guests know the city, state, and/or country where your wedding will occur.
  • Couple’s names: Remember to include who your guests will be celebrating! Include first and last names for more formal save the dates; first names are fine if you’re more casual.
  • Travel information: Add a Travel or Accommodations Block to your Paperless Post save the date to include helpful travel information. Guests may appreciate information about hotel blocks, links to convenient flights, or any other travel tips. You can also include this information on a wedding website, which you can link to from your save the date. 
  • Schedule:  If you’re inviting guests to multiple events outside of the wedding, add a Schedule Block so they can see what the itinerary is like before making travel plans. 
  • Invitation to follow: Include this phrase at the end of your save the date to let guests know if you’re sending more information in an invitation. An invitation usually includes RSVP information as well as the exact date and time for the wedding and reception, dress code, and menu options. 

Destination wedding save the date ideas

Isolated forests, tropical islands, metropolitan cities—the possibilities for destination weddings are endless. No matter where your wedding will be, get the date on your guests’ calendars with some of these destination wedding save the date ideas for card designs and messages.

1. Formal save the date ideas

If you’re having a more formal wedding, send a save the date like the floral “Parrot Tulip” by Oscar de la Renta. For something more understated, try the “Wildwood” Card by Paperless Post, with wording like:

We formally request

that you save the date

for Ben Jones and Hannah Reed’s wedding

in Athens, Greece

June 21, 2026

Formal invitation to follow;

Hotel blocks and travel information are available.

2. Casual save the date ideas

Some destination weddings are more like casual trips with a wedding thrown in. If that describes your vibe, choose the “Stoneware” or “Blood Orange” Card by Paperless Post. 

Consider adding more casual wording too, such as:

Perry and Lincoln are getting hitched!

Join us for a trip down the aisle

(and across the ocean)

to London, England

June 21, 2026

Invitation to follow with travel links

3. Photo save the date ideas

Two save the dates—one with a black and white photo of a couple and sunflowers; the other text-heavy with large gold and black font beside a green envelope.
Simple Romance” and “Heirloom (Photo Save the Date)” by Paperless Post.


Save the dates are a great time to showcase those beautiful engagement pictures! Choose “Travelogue” by Cheree Berry Paper & Design or “Heirloom” by Paperless Post for a photo Card with a destination wedding feel. 

Then add straightforward wording that doesn’t detract from your photo:

We’ve traveled all over 

to find our favorite destination.

Save the date and meet us there 

for Oliver and Greta’s wedding

in New Orleans, LA!

June 21, 2026

Visit our wedding website below for travel information.

Formal invitation to follow

4. Whimsical save the date ideas

Destination weddings are all about romance. Send a charming hot-air balloon Card like “Mr. Sweet William” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for a whimsical, romantic touch. 

Use destination wedding save the date wording that reflects your fun-loving nature:

Our love has been one adventure after another,

and you’re invited to the next one!

Save the date for Tony and Maria’s wedding:

June 21, 2026

Malibu, California

Invitation and wedding website to come

5. Travel-themed save the date ideas

Part of the fun of a destination wedding is the travel. Ticket and passport save the dates like “Round Trip” or “Passport to Romance” by Paperless Post can make your wedding feel like an adventure—and subtly remind guests that they need to buy those tickets ASAP. 

Set your sights high with wording like:

Come fly with us!

Save the date for

Mackenzie and Meredith’s wedding

on June 21, 2026

in Aspen, Colorado

Invitation to follow; travel details below.

Location-themed destination save the date ideas

For destination weddings, it’s all about three words: location, location, location. Put your chosen wedding locale on display with coordinating save the dates and wording suggestions.

6. Beach save the date ideas

A tropical destination wedding? Yes, please. Let guests know they’re about to have the trip of their lives with the “Destination” Card by Rifle Paper Co. or “Moon Lagoon” by Paperless Post. 

Keep the wording simple and clear as you describe your paradise wedding destination:

It’s time to stock up on sunblock!

Save the date for

Rachel and Viktor’s tropical wedding

in the Bahamas

on June 21, 2026.

Please visit our website for flight and accommodation tips,

and don’t forget your swimsuit!

Formal invitation to follow

7. Forest save the date ideas

A couple in wedding garb stands on a giant fallen tree trunk in a forest; a save the date with densely layered evergreen trees.
Photo by The Foxes Photography; “Ranier” by Paperless Post.


There’s romantic magic in a wedding under the trees. Let guests know about your upcoming forest wedding with “Ranier” by Paperless Post or “Love Birds On A Wire” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

Save the date and grab your gear

for our wedding camping trip

from June 21–25, 2026

in Yellowstone, Wyoming

Formal invitation and campsite reservations to follow.

8. Mountain save the date ideas

If you and your beloved are especially adventurous, nowhere feels more like home than the outdoors. Send “Helena” by Felix Doolittle or “Mountain Greenery” by Paperless Post to alert your guests to your mountaintop wedding. 

Use wording with a cute nod to your personality, such as:

Save the date

for Umberto and Leti’s hike down the aisle

in the mountains of Trento, Italy

on June 21, 2026.

Invitation to follow

If you can’t wait (like us), read our travel FAQs 

on our wedding website link below. 

9. Desert save the date ideas

Funky, unique, and out-of-the-way—there are a lot of cool elements to a hot desert wedding. Choose the “Sonora” Card by Paperless Post—or the photo version for a more personalized touch. 

Then try using wording that set the scene:

Save the date

for Barry and Sara’s wedding under the stars

in Palm Springs, California.

Guests are welcome to join our rehearsal dinner, wedding, 

and day-after brunch from June 20–24, 2026.

Invitation with dress code and menu to follow.

10. Nautical save the date ideas

Whether you’re getting married on a boat or you’re traveling by boat to your destination, a nautical wedding theme is a true throwback. Invite guests aboard with “Mr. Digby” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio or “Port of Call” by Paperless Post. 

For sailor-approved wording, try something like:

All aboard

for Scott and Mary’s wedding

in Barcelona, Spain

on June 21, 2026.

Formal invitation to follow.

Send us a message 

if you have travel or accommodation questions.

11. Country save the date ideas

The country wedding aesthetic has never been more popular. String up some fairy lights, set out the mason jars, and send guests “Country Barn” by Felix Doolittle or “Mr. Chili Wills” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio. 

Let your wedding locale do the talking, and keep the save the date wording on the simple side:

Save the date

for Tish and Robert’s wedding

at Robert’s family farm 

in Omaha, Nebraska

on June 21, 2026.

Invitation to follow; hotel room blocks linked below. 

Seasonal save the date ideas

If your destination wedding takes place during an especially beautiful time of the year, make that season the focus of your save the date. 

12. Winter save the date ideas

A save the date with a delicate floral wreath border; a bride and groom stand at a floral altar in a snowy mountain scene.
Winter Wilds” by Paperless Post; Photo via Gaea Design.


Destination weddings in snowy locations make memorable winter vacations for everyone. Get into the wintry spirit with “Holiday Market” by Happy Menocal or “Winter Wilds” by Paperless Post. 

Choose warm wording options, such as:

We’ve got our love to keep us warm.

Save the date for Tom and Paul’s winter wedding

December 12, 2026

Stowe Mountain Resort, Vermont

Formal invitation to follow

13. Spring save the date ideas

Will meadows be bursting with color by the time you tie the knot? Showcase those beautiful spring florals with “Spring Orchard” by Felix Doolittle or “Raspberry Floral” by Rifle Paper Co. 

For a spring wedding, add wording like:

Bianca and Manny’s love is in bloom!

Save the date for their springtime wedding:

April 10, 2026

San Francisco, CA

Find travel and accommodation information on our wedding website,

and more details in an invitation to follow.

14. Summer save the date ideas

Summer is a popular destination wedding season for a reason—it’s warm and lovely in many of the prettiest—and most relaxing—places in the world. Choose the “Citrus Orchard Suite” by Rifle Paper Co. or “Watercolor Backdrop” by Linda and Harriett for a summery wedding vibe. 

Keep it simple with wording that includes the word “destination”:

Save the date

for Raquel and Mike’s destination wedding

in Honolulu, Hawaii

on June 21, 2026

Hotel block and travel information are below;

formal invitation to follow.

15. Autumn save the date ideas

For locations where red, orange, and yellow foliage envelops the trees, you’ll want autumn on display in your save the dates, too. Send “Autumn Boughs” by Felix Doolittle or “Leiden” by Paperless Post for a nod to the crisp fall season. 

Signal to your guests that the weather is changing with wording like:

Our wedding is next fall!

As the seasons change, 

we invite you to join us, 

Marie and Juan, 

as we get married

in Cabo San Lucas.

Save the date: October 12, 2026

Formal invitation and travel details to follow

Destination wedding save the date etiquette

Destination weddings follow a different set of rules than regular weddings. While the basics for guests are the same (don’t wear white, don’t bring extra guests, RSVP on time), save the date etiquette for destination weddings has a few more details.

When to send save the dates for a destination wedding

Typically, you should send save the dates six to eight months before a wedding. But for destination weddings, save the dates should go out at least 12 months in advance—depending on the location. 

For weddings that don’t involve international travel, 12 months is sufficient. But If you’re traveling to another country and guests need time to update their passports, get vaccinations, and save up for travel expenses, plan on sending save the dates 12–24 months in advance

Who to send destination wedding save the dates to

Only send your save the dates to guests you’re planning on inviting later. Save the dates aren’t wedding announcements—they’re designed to help guests prepare for an upcoming event. 

Also, you should not send save the dates to people you already know can’t attend your destination wedding. These invitations are sometimes viewed as asking for gifts—especially when you know the recipient won’t be attending. 

Who should I invite to my destination wedding?

Destination weddings often have much smaller guest lists than regular weddings. It’s not unusual for a destination wedding to only include the couple getting married, their immediate family members, a few friends—and that’s it. If you’re planning on a larger group than that, consider choosing a destination that isn’t too expensive.

Unique save the dates

Secure a spot on their calendar with save the dates you can email, text, or share.

Should guests RSVP to a save the date?

Unlike with wedding invitations, guests aren’t expected to RSVP to a save the date. They may reach out with congratulations or questions, but they have no obligation to commit to attending your wedding until your formal invitation goes out.

If you aren’t sending a formal invitation, let guests know on the save the date. Include a wedding website or add the option to collect RSVPs on your digital save the date.

What are the advantages of sending digital save the dates?

While paper save the dates have a more formal feel, they do take a bit of time to create, address, and send out. On the other hand, digital save the dates are quick to customize and send out to your guests. All you need is your guests’ email addresses or phone numbers, since you can send Paperless Post Cards by email and text, too.

Sending digital save the dates for destination weddings is a great way to communicate with guests early—and to collect mailing addresses for your matching invitations that you can print through our exclusive print partner, Paper Source. 

When you choose digital save the dates from Paperless Post, you’ll also find customizable templates for every wedding need. Sort by designs that are recently added to see our newest options that’ll fit your theme.

Tie the knot anywhere with Paperless Post

Once the save the dates go out, the fun begins! Get your checklist ready with everything you need to plan a destination wedding for a trip your guests will remember forever. And when it’s time to send the invitations, choose destination wedding invitations from Paperless Post that match your save the dates. You’ll not only save time, but money, too—that you can use to spend on other parts of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience.