Your guide to summer entertaining

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Even if your last day of school was more than a few years ago, summer never stops feeling a little special. The sun is hot and the days are long and no one wants to be stuck inside. We’ve got plenty of BBQ, picnic, beach, pool, and summer entertaining invitations, but we’re suckers for a party theme, so we’ve come up with summer parties for you to throw before the end of August.

The invitation theme: Sunbathers galore.
Get your guests ready to show off their pool bods.

What to buy as the host: A freshley waxed surfboard from Almond.
Evoke the rush of the gnarliest A-frame wave—even if you’re far from the beach.

What to bring as a guest: Citron vodka for boozy lemonades.
After long hours in the Cali (or “Cali”) sun there’s nothing better than kicking back with a vodka lemonade.

The invitation theme: Chic and sophisticated with a touch of the urban grit.
Just because NYC’s subways have lost their graffiti style doesn’t mean your invitation has to.

What to buy as the host: Kelly Wearstler’s body-part bottle stoppers.
With any luck, there won’t be any wine to be saving, but it never hurts to be prepared.

What to bring as a guest: Rosé, naturally.
B.Y.O. pink drink, because nothing says summer like an surplus of the rosy stuff.

The invitation theme: Retro and to the point.
Let everyone know who’s in charge of the barbie.

What to buy as the host: A denim apron from Artifact Bag Co. with pockets to spare.
You’ll need plenty of help carrying all your Dad tools (and beer).

What to bring as a guest: A fine American whiskey.
Class up the backyard with a bottle of the good stuff.


Surfboard: Almond. Bottle stoppers: Kelly Wearstler. Apron: Artifact Bag Co. All alcohol: