44 Lunar New Year messages, greetings, and quotes for cards and invitations

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The Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year, is a celebration of new beginnings and old traditions that falls between January 21st and February 20th every year. Whether you’re planning the party of the (new) year or relaying well wishes to family and friends, Lunar New Year greetings and invitations are a thoughtful way to help ring in the spring and bring loved ones together.

Send messages of prosperity and good health to family, friends, colleagues, or kids with these Lunar New Year wording ideas that pass on all of your best wishes for the next year.


What to write in a Lunar New Year message

When writing a Lunar New Year card, you’ll find many traditional ways to convey your good tidings. But don’t forget a few other details to include for a truly heartfelt, meaningful message. 

  • Mention the Chinese zodiac year: According to Chinese astrology, the zodiac sign of the new year is significant. Look up a Chinese zodiac chart to determine whether this is the year of the dragon (2024), the snake (2025), or the horse (2026), and include it in your message. 
  • Send wishes for good health, prosperity, longevity, and success: Everyone from students to professionals will appreciate the blessings associated with these valuable wishes in their Lunar New Year’s greeting.
  • Write in the recipient’s language (and double-check it): Include characters for other languages with help from Paperless Post’s Personal Design Services team.
  • If you’re also hosting a Lunar New Year’s party, include important details: Customize your Lunar New Year’s invitation to add the time, date, location, and anything your guests may need to know about your Lunar New Year gathering.


Lunar New Year invitation wording

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Choose from Paperless Post’s festive collection of Lunar New Year invitations, which you can send via email, text, or shareable link. Then add one of these Lunar New Year’s invitation wording suggestions to give it just the right tone.

  1. Join us for a feast of good fortune and a Happy Lunar New Year.
  2. You’re invited to our annual Lunar New Year’s Party! Feel free to bring your favorite New Year’s dish.
  3. Ring in a year of health, happiness, and prosperity with us!
  4. Our family and friends are our good fortune. Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a feast at our home.
  5. Begin a successful Lunar New Year with a feast of good fortune. We’ll provide the food; you provide your presence.

Chinese Lunar New Year invitation wording

In Traditional Chinese, the wording for a Lunar New Year invitation is more formal. 

  1. 我們誠摯邀請您蒞臨饗宴,一同歡聚喜慶農曆新年 (wǒmen chéngzhì yāoqǐng nín lìlín xiǎngyàn, yītóng huānjù xǐqìng nónglì xīnnián or “We’re pleased to invite you to celebrate the new year with a festive feast.”)


In Simplified Chinese, the message would be:

  1. 我们诚挚邀请您莅临飨宴,一同欢聚喜庆农历新年 (wǒmen chéngzhì yāoqǐng nín lìlín xiǎng yàn, yītóng huānjù xǐqìng nónglì xīnnián or ”We sincerely invite you to come to the banquet and celebrate the Chinese New Year together.”)


Seollal / Korean Lunar New Year invitation wording

When inviting guests to a Seollal dinner, your message can be friendly or formal, depending on whom you’re addressing. A more formal invitation may read:

  1. 새해를 축하하기 위해 함께 해주세요 (saehaeleul chughahagi wihae hamkke haejuseyo or ”Please join us to celebrate the New Year.”)


A more casual message may be:

  1. 오셔서 재미난 떡국을 즐겨보세요 (osyeoseo jaeminan tteoggug-eul jeulgyeoboseyo or ”Come join us for some good times and tteokgook.”)


Tết / Vietnamese Lunar New Year invitation wording

In Vietnam, the Tết Festival takes place during the Lunar New Year. Participants celebrate time with family and ring in the new year together. When inviting guests to a dinner for the Tết holiday, offer a simple Vietnamese message like: 

  1. “Hãy tham gia cùng chúng tôi trong bữa tiệc năm mới” (“Please join us for the New Year party.”)


Popular Lunar New Year wishes

A red invitation with gold scales and Chinese characters with a gold envelope.
Dragon Scales” by Paperless Post.


You may have heard the popular Lunar New Year greeting “Gung hay fat choy” (Gōng xǐ fā cá), but there are many other traditional ways to wish someone a happy new year in Mandarin, as well.

  1. 新年好 (Xīnnián hǎo or “Happy New Year.”)
  2. 新年快樂 (Xīnnián kuàilè or a more formal “Happy New Year.”)
  3. 恭喜發財 (Gōng xǐ fā cái or “May you be happy and prosperous.”)
  4. 好運 (Hao yun or “Good fortune.”)
  5. 阖家欢乐 (Hé jiā huānlè or “Happiness for the family.”)


Korean Lunar New Year wishes

A red invitation with a white dragon and flower blossoms and gold envelope.
Cherry Blossom Dragon” by Paperless Post.


In Korean, try this popular way to say “Happy New Year.” 

  1. 새해 복 많이 받으세요 (saehae bok mani badeuseyo or “May you receive lots of luck.”) 


Vietnamese Lunar New Year wishes

Some common Vietnamese phrases meaning “Happy New Year” are: 

  1. Chúc mừng Năm Mới. Tân niên vui vẻ. (“Happy New Year.”)
  2. Cung hỉ phát tài. (“Congratulations and may you have prosperity.”) 
  3. Năm mới toàn gia bình an, hạnh phúc. (Wishes that the new year bring peace and happiness to your family.)


Chinese Lunar New Year wishes for family

The front and back of a square card with a gold and red flower and leaf border around a black and white photo of small children.
Hellebore Border (Photo)” by Paperless Post.


Wish your family a joyous holiday season with one of these Chinese Lunar New Year messages.

  1. 和气生财 (Héqì shēngcái or “May peace bring prosperity.”)
  2. 五福临门 (Wǔ fú lín mén or “May the blessings of longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and a natural death fall upon your home.”)
  3. May this year be an auspicious and successful one.
  4. Wishing you luck, health, and prosperity this Lunar New Year.
  5. May this year be even more wonderful than the last.


Chinese Lunar New Year wishes for friends

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Image via Eat My Zest; “Tangerine Tree” by Paperless Post.


Lunar New Year is the perfect time of year to send well wishes of health and fortune to your friends, whether you’re meeting up at a Lunar New Year’s party or not. Try one of these friendly well wishes in your greeting card this year. 

  1. 吉祥如意 (Jíxiáng rúyì or “Good luck according to your wishes.”)
  2. 身体健康 (Shēntǐ jiànkāng or “Wishes for good health.”)
  3. May this year bring you comfort and fortune in all your endeavors.
  4. Sending wishes of luck and love this Lunar New Year!
  5. Wishes for abundance and success in all you do this year.


Chinese Lunar New Year wishes for professionals

A red square invitation with large gold Chinese characters.
Lunar Gold” by Paperless Post.


Since wishes for prosperity and success are part of the Lunar New Year, it makes perfect sense to relay these messages to colleagues and employees too.

  1. 大吉大利 (Dàjí dàlì or “Good luck and big profits.”)
  2. 生意兴隆 (Shēngyì xīnglóng or “Wishes for a prosperous business.”)
  3. 工作顺利 (Gōngzuò shùnlì or “May your work go smoothly.”)
  4. May your ambitions be realized and your hard work be rewarded this year.
  5. May your business flourish and bring you happiness this year.


Chinese Lunar New Year wishes for kids

A card shaped like a red and gold dragon head with a black envelope.
Year of the Dragon” by Paperless Post.


You’re never too young for Lunar New Year’s messages! Send your favorite kids a Lunar New Year’s card message to wish them the best this year. 

  1. 学业有成 (Xuéyè yǒu chéng or “May you have academic success.”)
  2. 步步高升 (Bùbùgāo shēng or “May each step take you higher.”)
  3. May your new year be happy and healthy.
  4. May you grow strong in fortune and success this year.
  5. Blessings for a long and happy life this Lunar New Year.


Chinese Lunar New Year quotes

A red card with a green dragon being held up on sticks by several people.
Holiday Dragon (Becca Stadtlander)” by Red Cap Cards for Paperless Post.


If you’re coming up short for Lunar New Year’s messages, find inspiration in traditional Chinese Lunar New Year’s quotes and proverbs for a touch of wisdom.

  1. “If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” Lao Tzu
  2. “Flowers leave their fragrance on the hand that bestows them.” Chinese Proverb
  3. “Never jump out of the same hole twice.” Deng Ming-Dao
  4. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Lao Tzu
  5. “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. But the second best time is today.” Chinese Proverb


Happy Lunar New Year from Paperless Post

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Double Dragon” by Paperless Post.


Whether you’re sending greeting cards for the new year or choosing Lunar New Year’s invitation wording for your festive gathering, Paperless Post has digital card and invitation designs that are sure to match your preferences. Send the beautiful “Hongbao” invitation or the modern “Lucky Fortunes” invitation, and let your guests know the details about your party with style. 

Or for a little more inspiration before you send well wishes to a celebrating friend, learn more about foods, symbols, and history of the holiday with our guide to beautiful Lunar New Year traditions.


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