Spotlight: Mary Katrantzou for Paperless Post

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There’s just something about Mary Katrantzou. We love many things about our newest Spotlight collaborator’s work, but if you’re forcing us to pick just one, it’s her novel sense of materials. Her clothes are known for their feats of textile printing, and use exuberant patterns to become as important an element as drape, construction, or form.

Katrantzou’s ability to transform a whole garment with something seemingly on the surface is something we saw a little of ourselves in, as party alchemists who look to bring the best parts of traditional hospitality to online life. It’s why we’re pleased to have her designs on a new collection of online invitations. Just like her prints take garments to unexpected realms of perception, her designs let our invitations and cards transcend the envelope—bringing her inimitable design language to parties planned and messages sent online.

You’ll find many prints from her past collections in the borders and on the liners of her invitations, but that’s not all she’s put together. A few Surrealist photo collages transform traditional decorative objects into unexpected (even a bit eerie) tableaux. A few of her invitations even feature lettering inspired by the designer’s jewelry and are constructed from photo-real marble, stone, and glass—quite a hostess gift.

Mary Katrantzou’s collection is the latest addition to our Spotlight series—a collection of invitations and stationery that brings the perspectives, methods, and visions of creative luminaries to an entirely new medium. Browse her collection here.