She knows a little place at the top of the world

Claire Distenfeld
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Claire Distenfeld, founder of boutique department store Fivestory in New York City, has some very strong feelings about tequila (just a few rocks, please) and saying goodbye without saying goodbye.

1. Where do you wish you could throw your next party?

In a little town in the south of France there’s a very special place called Chateau de la Chevre d’Or: a hotel built into the tippy top of the cliffside village of Èze. The restaurant is fantastic but the real clincher is the view—a breathtaking panorama that would make any party magical.

2. Who would make the perfect +1?

Can I have two? I feel like Ian Schrager, the co-founder of Studio 54, would be amazing to have at a party. He was a warrior and still is—imagine the stories… And then I would throw in Woody Allen, not only because I love him but because I think his dynamic with Schrager recalling the 70s together would be epic.

3. What’s your favorite party memory?

Not to toot my own horn or raise myself on a chair bar mitzvah style, but the last party I threw I kind of nailed it. I set up four long tables outside on the grass and set them with blue-and-white-striped tablecloths, bamboo chairs, and silver Champagne buckets with bamboo handles with the best tequila in the world chilling in it (see below). I stole Le Club 55’s massive crudité idea and set out wooden bowls filled with fresh whole vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, and sharp knives. I worked pretty hard on the playlist, too. I saved the best ingredient for last: fantastically amazing human beings.

4. What’s your drink of choice?

Clase Azul Reposado. A few rocks. Nothing else.

5. What’s your early exit strategy?

This question hits home for me as all my friends call me “Drop the Mic.” Whenever I go out socially, I give whatever it is my all, adapt to the energy of the atmosphere, and push it to its breaking point of fun. But the moment I get tired, bored, or antsy, I duck out—quickly and quietly. I think it makes for an elegant exit: Never make a fuss, never stress the goodbyes, just let the party rage with or without you.

Photo by Rachel Chandler.