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The bridal shower is over, the bachelor and bachelorette parties happened months ago, and the wedding is next week—but wait! There’s still one more important wedding event before the happy couple officially ties the knot: the rehearsal dinner.

While the point of a rehearsal dinner is to thank the bridal party and family members after a wedding ceremony rehearsal, it’s become a significant wedding event of its own. The rehearsal dinner is the last—and sometimes only—chance for the couple’s families and friends to mingle before their wedding duties begin. Make your rehearsal dinner its own celebration with our selection of rehearsal dinner invitation wording examples for every type of rehearsal event, from formal dinners to laid-back BBQs.

What to include on rehearsal dinner invitations

A green watercolor rehearsal dinner invitation with a diagram showing where to write important information like host name(s), the couple’s names, the date and time, and the location.
“Watercolor Garland” by Paperless Post


While rehearsal dinner invitations don’t need to be as formal or detailed as wedding invitations, they still need to include information that guests need to know.

  • Couple’s names: Even though most guests know who the rehearsal dinner is for at this point, it’s nice to keep the couple’s names front and center.
  • The words “rehearsal dinner”: This one seems obvious, but using the words “rehearsal dinner” keeps guests from mixing it up with other wedding-related events (the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and the wedding itself).
  • Time and date: Rehearsal dinners usually occur right after the wedding rehearsal—but it helps to specify exactly when dinner begins, especially if some guests aren’t attending the rehearsal. Consider adding the time of the ceremony rehearsal to the invitation, as well.
  • Event location: Include the name and address of the rehearsal dinner venue. Consider adding a Details Block with directions from the wedding venue if it’s in a different place since most guests will likely come from the rehearsal at that location.
  • Host’s name: If someone besides the couple is hosting the dinner, add the host’s name—in smaller font size than the couple’s names—so guests know who to consult with questions.
  • Dress code: Indicate whether guests should follow a formal, semi-formal, cocktail, or informal dress code.
  • RSVP: Let guests know when you’d like an RSVP so you can finalize your plans. When you use Paperless Post’s digital invitations, RSVPing is as easy as a click of a mouse for guests. Plus, hosts and cohosts can track RSVP responses and use Guest Messaging and follow-up tools to send out reminders to those who are attending.

When to send rehearsal dinner invitations

Rehearsal dinner invitations generally go out 6–8 weeks in advance, and definitely after the wedding invitations have been sent. This timing gives the host or couple enough time to finalize rehearsal dinner plans. Guests also need the extra time to book accommodations—or add another night onto their existing travel plans.

Ask for RSVPs two weeks before the rehearsal dinner, so you have enough time to add or reduce seats at the table or change catering plans.

Formal rehearsal dinner invitation wording

Most rehearsal dinners aren’t as formal as the wedding they’re preceding—but some come pretty close. Emphasize the formality with these examples of rehearsal dinner invitations and wording ideas.

1. Restaurant rehearsal dinner invite wording

Left: A preppy blue rehearsal dinner invitation with an illustration of a plate, fork, and knife; left: wedding guests seated at a long, elegant table
Plat Du Jour” by Happy Menocal for Paperless Post; Photo via This Modern Romance


The traditional rehearsal dinner party tends to be a formal seated dinner at a fine-dining restaurant. If that’s your style, opt for the “Plat Du Jour” invitation by Happy Menocal. Use more traditional wording like:

You’re invited to celebrate


Cynthia and Josh Jr.

at their rehearsal dinner

hosted by Mary and Josh Byron Sr.

on Friday, May 19

7:00 p.m.

Gold Castle Restaurant

2948 Oyster Road

Plus ones welcome

RSVP by May 5


2. Black-and-white rehearsal dinner invitation wording

Some rehearsal dinners feel more like galas than post-rehearsal meals. For black-and-white affairs, choose the “Roosevelt” invitation by Sugar Paper and add wording such as:


Mark and Noelle Hammond

request the pleasure of your company

at a rehearsal dinner

for Shiloh and Pat.

Friday, September 20

Seven Oaks Country Club

Immediately following their wedding rehearsal at White Blossom Church

RSVP by September 5

Formal attire requested


3. Cocktail rehearsal dinner invitation wording

A rehearsal dinner invitation with an illustration of a Champagne glass and a gold and white striped envelope.
Champagne Bubbles” by Paperless Post.


Host a cocktail event for your rehearsal to ease pre-wedding jitters and connect with your favorite people. The “Champagne Bubbles” invitation by Paperless Post sets the stage, particularly when you use wording like:


Let’s raise our glasses to Haru and Michiko!

Join us for a cocktail rehearsal dinner

on Friday, June 17

7:00 (right after the rehearsal ends)

Vera Sanders Memorial Ballroom

593 Orchid Street

Cocktail attire requested


4. Nautical rehearsal dinner invitation wording

Keep your rehearsal dinner both elegant and memorable by hosting it on a boat. When guests receive the “Wish Me Good Luck” invitation by Mr. Boddington’s Studio, they know they’re in for a good time. Add wording like:


All aboard for Shona and Sam’s rehearsal dinner!

Celebrate a successful wedding rehearsal on the open seas.

Friday, April 21, 6:30 p.m.

Powell Street Wharf, Dock C

Dinner and drinks will be served.

RSVP to Shona’s mother, Betsy, by April 7.

One-of-a-kind wedding invitations

Customizable designs from Oscar de la Renta, Rifle Paper Co., kate spade new york, and more.

Informal rehearsal dinner invitation wording

Every type of rehearsal dinner can be special—even informal ones. If your crowd is more comfortable with chill time than caviar, opt for casual rehearsal dinner invitation wording and our invitation suggestions below.

5. BBQ rehearsal dinner invitation wording

Throw some burgers on the grill and enjoy the last night before the wedding with a barbecue rehearsal dinner! The venue is free—especially when it’s someone’s backyard—and the food couldn’t be better. Send the sweet “Heart Setting” invitation by Paper Source with wording like:


It’s almost time for the big day!

You’re invited to a BBQ rehearsal dinner

for Mariah and Jeremy

July 10, after the rehearsal ends (around 6:30)

Bring a side dish or dessert to share!

RSVP by July 1


6. Beach or garden rehearsal dinner invitation wording

Left: A garden-themed table setting with tomatoes as a centerpiece; Right: A rehearsal dinner invitation with delicate green leaves on the top
Photo via Miho; “Willow Tree” by Felix Doolittle for Paperless Post.


If the couple loves the outdoors, find a spot on the beach or in a local garden to host a rehearsal dinner al fresco. The “Dahlias Tall Photo” invitation by Paperless Post features pretty flowers and a spot to include the couple’s engagement pictures. Include invitation wording like:


Paul and Manuel’s love is a ray of sunshine.

Celebrate their love at a beach rehearsal dinner before the big day!

Friday, May 9

West Amberly Beach, Site 5

Wedding rehearsal begins on the beach at 5:00, dinner at 6:00

Wear whatever you want (though flip-flops are recommended)!

RSVP by May 1

Share any dietary restrictions in the survey.


7. Rehearsal brunch invitation wording

Not every rehearsal dinner needs to be a dinner. Host a rehearsal brunch if the timing works better—or if the couple simply prefers a casual brunch to a seated dinner. Use the “Meadow Garland” invitation by Rifle Paper Co. and wording like:


Join us for Tom and Shelley’s special rehearsal brunch

on Saturday, August 15

after the morning rehearsal at 9:00.

Ravenwood Cafe

Mimosas will be flowing!


8. Brewery rehearsal dinner invitation wording

Who’s going to say no to a rehearsal dinner at the local brewery? Keep it chill with the “Oil Drop” invitation by Jonathan Adler and wording like:


They’re almost ready to say “I Brew”!

Celebrate Nicole and Ralph at their rehearsal dinner

Friday, June 30

High Rockies Brewery

9182 Trent Ave.

Drinks start right after the rehearsal ends at Holy Cross Church (around 7:00)

RSVP by June 15


Rehearsal dinner invitation wording hosted by the couple’s parents

Two rehearsal dinner invitations side by side. The left has “Rehearsal Dinner” written in large script, the right has room for two photos and the words “Can’t you see they were meant to be!”
Plume d’Oie” by Paperless Post; “Meant to Be” by Paperless Post.


Traditionally, the groom’s family hosts the rehearsal dinner—but modern wedding etiquette indicates that this isn’t set in stone anymore. That’s why we’ve gathered invitation wording examples for rehearsal dinners hosted by the groom’s parents, the bride’s parents, or someone else entirely, for every type of dinner.

9. Rehearsal dinner invitation wording for one set of parents

Many parents like to host the rehearsal dinner to welcome their child’s new spouse into the family. Follow this time-honored tradition with the lovely “Plume d’Oie” invitation by Paperless Post, and wording like:


Let’s celebrate our bride and groom!

You’re invited to Rosie and Roger’s rehearsal dinner

hosted by Marge and Peter Ramos

on Friday, August 1

7:00 p.m.

The Ramos home, 1471 Colorado Boulevard


10. Rehearsal dinner invitation wording for both sets of parents

Celebrate the union of two families by co-hosting the special occasion together. Choose a nostalgic invitation with space for baby pictures like “Meant to Be” by Paperless Post. Your wording can sound like:


John and Trina Edwards,

together with Lyle and Esmeralda Chen,

invite you to a rehearsal dinner for their children,

Mira and Sophie.

Friday, June 20, 7:00 p.m.

Red River Banquet Room

100 North Shore Avenue

RSVP to Trina and Esmeralda by June 3


11. Rehearsal dinner invitation wording for divorced parents

When the hosts are divorced from each other, it’s often easier to write “the groom’s parents” rather than list all the parents’ and stepparents’ names. If you’d like all the names listed, use an invitation with extra space like “Cortile” by Venamour, and wording like:


Let’s celebrate the couple one more time before the big day!

Join us for a rehearsal dinner celebrating

Joannie and Harrison.

Hosted by Perry and Maya Smith, with Michael and Georgina Phifer

on May 13

at Grand Canyon Hotel, the Sandstone Room.

Drinks at 7 p.m., dinner at 8 p.m.

Semi-formal attire requested


12. Rehearsal dinner invitation wording for a hosting couple

These days, more couples choose to host their own rehearsal dinners. They’re already doing so much wedding planning—what’s one more event? In this case, use the pretty “Script Rehearsal Dinner” invitation by Paper Source and wording like:


It’s our last night as singles!

Join Marie and Ted for a wedding rehearsal dinner on March 19

Noosh Restaurant

800 Horseshoe Lane

6:30 p.m.

Let us know if you have any dietary needs or restrictions when you RSVP!


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