Jonathan Adler really needs to walk his dog

Johnathan Adler sitting in room with animal sculpture decorations
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Jonathan Adler’s already got everything he needs in his party emergency kit: the perfect locale, the perfect +1, and the perfect excuse to duck out early.

1. Where do you wish you could throw your next party?

I threw a clambake at my Shelter Island pad last year that was rather grand, if I do say so myself. We set up a long table for 50 right on the beach under a perfect moon. But, my God, was it exhausting throwing a big fete. I’m a much better guest than host.


2. Who would make the perfect +1?

I’m blessed to be married to the purrrrrrrrfect +1. My hubbie Simon is always fun and witty and sweet.


3. What’s your favorite party memory?

Maury Strauss’s bar mitzvah in 1980 was pretty rad. It was an El Al inspired sitch and everything was done in plush purple velvet and the waitresses were dressed like stewardesses. They picked a theme and were fully committed.


4. What’s your drink of choice?

PG Tips.


5. What’s your early exit strategy?

“Gotta motor—I need to walk the dog.”


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