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They’re rooms worth a view. The artfully-framed pages of the design journal Cabana show readers a world of interiors’ overflowing with fine antiques and more ineffable markers of personality. Whether it’s a historic manse filled with recherche objects and fine fabrics or an artist’s apartment bursting with quirky collections, Cabana finds beautiful spaces marked by their dwellers’ singular visions.

What those rooms are begging for, though, is a bit of company. We were pleased to work with Cabana’s editor-in-chief, Martina Mondadori, to translate the magazine’s wealth of materials and curatorial expertise into online and paper invitations and stationery. Whether you’re throwing drawing room diversions or writing a few fond letters, Cabana’s first-ever collection of stationery is fit for the most elegant events and correspondence. “Entertaining and celebrating are central to the Cabana philosophy, so partnering with Paperless Post was a natural fit,” to Mondadori.


Malatesta” by Cabana


The feeling was mutual—Cabana’s archive was a richer source than we could have ever imagined. You’ll see swatches of brocade, batik, chinoiserie and tapestry prints repurposed, but we also took some cues from Cabana’s preternatural gift for details. Use an envelope liner inspired by historic wallpaper or a notecard whose front uses antique art frames as a border and whose back shows the rest of the busy salon wall.

The push and pull between historic beauty and modern design makes this collection visually appealing, but best of all, convenient—you’ll be able to make use of Paperless Post’s online hosting tools even as you plan an event worthy of a Count.

Browse the Cabana collection and get ready to blow off the palace doors.