Throw a dinosaur-themed party that Tricera-tops them all

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If you want to throw a birthday party that’ll go down in (pre)history, it’s time to go dino. With awe-inspiring visuals, exciting activities, and enough treats to feed a band of hungry Velociraptors, a dinosaur-themed party is guaranteed to be a roaring good time.

To help you throw a raptor rager that no one can Tricera-top, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite activities, refreshments, and dino-inspired decor—available now at the Paperless Post Party Shop. Whether your child is #teamTrex or a big-time Brontosaurus fan, they’ll cherish the memories of this birthday for years to come. 

Ready to knock this party out of the (Jurassic) park? Check out our dino-mite dinosaur-themed birthday party ideas below. 


Left: Dinosaur party cups and plates. Right: A party invitation with colorful dinosaurs.Dino Decor by Meri Meri, available at the Party Shop; “Classic Triassic” by Meri Meri for Paperless Post.


Decorate dino style

Whether your little paleontologist enjoys a cuddly, Barney-esque depiction of dinos or the toothier, true-to-life take, there’s no doubt that they’re drawn to the eye-catching, larger-than-life look of these ancient reptiles. 

With the right decoration choices, you can celebrate their favorite scaly friends and create an immersive experience for your guests—incorporating striking images, colors, and words to bring the prehistoric world back to life. If you aren’t the artsiest person, don’t be scared to borrow some kids’ birthday tips from design pro parents.

Here’s how to make your party a little less “living room” and a little more “Land Before Time”:


Pick natural colors: When it comes to colors, aim for earthy tones that evoke the lush, unspoiled world of the dinosaur. Greens, browns, and oranges set the scene for a dino-friendly landscape and also strike a warm and inviting note. Go all out with natural-hued balloons, dinosaur napinks, and festive streamers in jungle-inspired greens and browns. 


Bring dinos to the table: A dinosaur-themed party might be the only time in which you can say “the more, the merrier” about threatening carnivorous predators and actually mean it. Seek out large inflatable dinos that will serve as eye-catching touchstones in your space, and pick out birthday hats, garlands, cups, and plates that feature the incredible creatures. 


To make your party decor even more engaging, you might consider assigning each guest a special dinosaur species and giving them a hat or place setting with an image or figurine that corresponds. Think Stegosaurus for Stella or Brachiosaurus for Brett. Just be sure to tailor the dino images you choose to fit your child’s age group (maybe skip the snarling T. rexes at your toddler’s party).


Go au naturale: Green thumb? No better occasion to show it off than at a dino-themed party. Gather your finest house plants to capture the lush, jungle-y atmosphere of the Prehistoric Period. If your ferns and palms are in short supply or you’re sticking to a budget that doesn’t welcome a trip to the florist, you can either print out paper leaves or source inexpensive plastic fauna. 


Make a dinosaur footprint: Dinosaur crossing—look both ways! For this idea, introduce an element of mystery by making large paper “dino footprints” and taping them to the floor. Young kids will love to compare the size of their own feet with a massive dinosaur footprint, marveling at just how big those ancient reptiles were. 

Spell it out: A dinosaur party lends itself to wordplay and puns. To spark joy (and Instagram content), use banners or balloons to showcase a word or phrase that connects to your theme—we love “Rawrsome” and “Dino-mite”—and invite your guests to pose for pictures in front of your creation.


left: An invitation with a photo of a child and a border of dinosaurs in party hats. Right: A red Triceratops-shaped party hat.Dino Buddies Photo” by Paperless Post; Free printable Triceratops headpiece craft via Meri Meri.


Put on a saur-ing playlist

Between the long flights, scheduling conflicts, and overwhelming legal concerns, you might not have made it to Jurassic Park this year. 

That doesn’t mean that your dinosaur party can’t feel like it’s happening in a tropical, prehistoric land. As your guests arrive and settle in, put on a playlist complete with atmospheric jungle sounds (roars welcome) or pull up the soundtrack from your little one’s favorite dino movie.

Depending on the age of your guests, you can’t go wrong with:

 — “The Land Before Time” soundtrack

– “Jurassic Park” soundtrack

— “The Good Dinosaur” soundtrack

— “Dinosaur Song” by Johnny Cash

— “Our Dinosaur Friends” by Pam Johnson, Wayne Parker, and Eric Miller


left: A child wears a dinosaur party hat. Right: An invitation with two Brontosauruses surrounded by balloons.Photo via Meri Meri; “Neck and Neck” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post.


Play like a paleontologist

Dinosaur-themed parties are the perfect occasion for guests of all ages to put on their paleontologist hats and have some good, not-so-clean fun. 

These are our favorite dinosaur-themed party games and activities—no bones about it: 


Dino egg hunt: If your little one loves everything about an Easter egg hunt—except for the fact that it only happens once a year—they’ll love this dino-themed rebrand. Simply hide colorful plastic “dinosaur eggs” filled with candy and toys around your house or backyard and encourage your guests to seek them out. 


Dino dig: Got a sandbox? For this idea, fill your sandbox with fossils—okay, dinosaur toys and plastic bones—and supply your guests with mini shovels and brushes to help their discoveries. They’ll love feeling like real-life paleontologists; you’ll love the chance to finally catch up with the other parents.  


Pin the tail on the Triceratops: “Pin the tail on the donkey” is a birthday party classic for a reason. Requiring little more than a blown-up image and a blindfold, this game is supremely simple and simply hilarious. This version takes the up-roar up a notch, swapping in a dino for the donkey. Another way to customize this classic? Reward the guest who does the best job with a small Triceratops toy.


Prehistoric piñata: Part activity, part eye-catching decoration, dinosaur-themed piñatas are always a big hit. Hang on to that blindfold from “pin the tail on the Triceratops,” grab a stick (and a watchful chaperone), and welcome your guests to take a whack. 


Left: Volcano-shaped cake pops and dinosaur figurines. Right: White chocolate-covered pretzels labeled “dinosaur bones.”Volcano cake pops by Navnit Oberoi; White chocolate pretzel dinosaur bones by Barbara Greene Events.


Try some T. rex-approved treats

The fun doesn’t have to stop with your party games and activities. You can delight your guests’ eyes—and palettes—with snacks and beverages inspired by your dinosaur theme.

For a daytime party, we recommend setting up a buffet and dessert table filled with sweet and savory options that play on the prehistoric era. Be sure to label your offerings to drum up the excitement for your guests.

Here are some tasty treats to get you started, ranging from healthy to indulgent:


Something for the herbivores: Fuel the hungry herbivores with a crudite platter and “dino eggs” (also known as green grapes) for grazing. Be sure to label the tray “For Herbivores” to make these healthy staples even more appealing. 


Raptors’ Nests: With the help of a muffin tin, form rice crispy treats into nests, let cool, and top with chocolate “raptor eggs.”


Brontosaurus Bones: No dinosaur buffet is complete without some fossils. Enter Brontosaurus Bones—as easy to whip up as they are delicious. Simply dip jumbo pretzel sticks in melted white chocolate and stack them on a platter. You can also make smaller dino bones in the same way, using mini pretzels. If you’d like to go the extra mile, serve the bones in “dirt” (chocolate cake crumbs) and tell your little paleontologists to get digging!


Pterodactyl Pizza: For an unforgettable main dish that’s destined to live on long after it’s finished (kind of like the T. rex), try the Pterodactyl Pizza. This cheese pie topped with dino-shaped chicken nuggets will power your party guests through the egg hunt all the way to the piñata.


Prehistoric Punch: Your party guests will need something refreshing to wash down all of those dinosaur bones. Why not stir up a big batch of Prehistoric Punch? Feel free to serve lemonade, fruit punch, or a recipe of your choice. Just be sure to label it with this on-theme name. 


But as with all birthday parties, dino-themed celebrations are all about the cake. Chocolate-frosted sheet cakes work especially well as a base for an earthy, prehistoric scene, but you should let your imagination run wild. Isn’t that the best part of a dinosaur birthday party, after all? 

If you don’t know where to begin, try decorating your cake with:


— Chocolate eggs

Dinosaur figurines

— Dinosaur bones (white chocolate-covered pretzels)

— Dinosaur gummies

— Volcanoes (upside-down ice cream cones)


Green, orange, and blue frosting can be enormously helpful for depicting natural elements like grass, fire, and water, while store-bought candies like gumdrops and chocolates can make boulders and treetops in a pinch. 

For a bite-sized snack that’s just as sweet, make individual volcano cake pops. What may have been the end of the dinosaurs is exactly what you need to get your party started. 

Whatever cake or dessert you create, be sure to capture it in a photo. It’ll be gone in a heartbeat once those hungry dinos attack.


Three children play at a dinosaur-themed party.Photo by Meri Meri; Dinosaur Garland available in the Party Shop.


Create custom dinosaur-themed party invitations with Paperless Post

Did you know that you can get your dino party off to a roaring start before your first guest even arrives? With a clever dinosaur invitation from Paperless Post, you can set a celebratory vibe long before the special day.

To build excitement among your guests, try incorporating some era-appropriate phrases in your invite. Here are some examples for inspiration:


— “Join Alicia at her rawrsome party!”

— “Prehistoric parents welcome!”

— “Join us at the (Jurassic) park behind the school.”

— “It’s bound to be a stomping good time!”

— “We’re having a dinosaur shin-dig—put on your paleontologist cap!”


Pick an invitation design that reflects your dinosaur and color scheme, and be sure to also include any little dino costume requirements and RSVP information.


An invitation for a child’s birthday party with colorful dinosaur footprints over a portrait photo.
Dino-Mite Birthday” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Amazing parties will always find a way with Paperless Post

Paperless Post’s customizable dinosaur-themed birthday invitations are sure to please little paleontologists and parents alike. They’re designed to be personalized, with both cute photos and all your Tyrr-ific, dino-mite puns. But no matter what the theme, there’s no better place to find online invitations for your kid’s birthday party than Paperless Post.

To get started on your prehistoric party planning, stomp on by Paperless Post today. And once you’ve found the perfect invitations, head to the Party Shop to pick up some extra-special supplies to match. 


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