Behind the scenes of Bloom Room, a pop-up shop celebrating Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post

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Since launching Rifle Paper Co. with her husband Nathan in 2009, Anna’s become the the darling of the stationery (and iPhone case) world. Now, her signature paintings of flora, fauna, and doll-faced figures have been reimagined as an exclusive collection of invitations and cards for Paperless Post. The extensive selection includes birthday invitations, birth announcements, holiday cards, and—for the first time ever—easily customizable Rifle Paper Co. wedding suites.

To celebrate this momentous partnership, we created the Bloom Room, a four-day pop-up overflowing with flowers, real and fake. We built the shop in just 24 hours and opened the night of the collection’s launch to a line of Anna’s fans that ran halfway down the block.

Step 1: The Wall.

We knew we wanted to make use of Rifle’s beautiful wallpaper, but wallpapering a temporary space meant building a fake wall in front of the actual wall. What started as a pristine, tranquil space quickly turned into a cloud of sawdust filled with the screeching of circle saws and sanders.



Step 2: Flowers.

Our friends Alex and Sophie made us gorgeous giant crepe-paper flowers that stood between 3’ and 10’ tall. The installation process felt a bit like drinking that suspicious potion from “Alice in Wonderland.”

Step 3: More Flowers.

We called on one of our favorite florists to supply an abundance of blooms in pinks, corals, and whites and plenty of Silver Dollar eucalyptus. People started poking their heads into the shop to tell us they could smell the flowers from down the block.


Step 4: The Cards.

We built 12’-long ledges to display the customizable collection. We were able to include just over 80 designs, which wasn’t even half of the collection. (Note how dark it’s gotten outside! We’re nearing the end of our second night.)


Step 5: The End.

Our little shop cleaned up pretty nicely, if we do say so ourselves.


See the exlusive Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post collection at