Bat and bar mitzvah invitation wording ideas for everyone

The coming of age story is an age-old tale but never is it celebrated so ceremoniously as a bat or bar mitzvah. Picture it: yarmulke-clad youths, readings from the Torah, and candle-lighting ceremonies. 

Not to mention the ever-so-festive Hora chair dance

Whether you’re the proud parent of a daughter or son, celebrate their call to the Torah with customizable Bat and Bar Mitzvah invitations sure to turn their celebrations on their head. 

In this guide, you’ll learn what to include in an invitation, the appropriate time to send out invitations, and of course, B-Mitzvah invitation wording ideas. 

What do you write on a bat or bar mitzvah invitation?

You’ve likely spent the last year carefully planning for your child’s momentous occasion—booking a reception venue, hiring a catering service, and maybe even employing a photographer or videographer to capture your child’s first steps into adulthood.

No matter the size, theme, or location of your celebration, it’s important to send out B-Mitzvah invitations that honor tradition and keep guests informed, especially if some guests are not familiar with the haimish occasion.

Much like any other party invitation, bat and bar mitzvah party invitations should share key details about the day, including:

— The name of the adult-to-be – Make the name stand out with a large, eye-catching font that celebrates your child long before the momentous day even begins. Feel free to include their middle name, too, if it holds special significance.

— Parents’ names The parents’ names should be mentioned, too, for their continual support, guidance, and encouragement of the adult-to-be.

— Ceremony information – Share the date, time, and location of the Torah-reading locale. You can even add a few additional details, such as where to park and what to expect.

— Reception information – If you plan to continue the bar and bat mitzvah celebration at another location, include the event’s specific start time and address. If you’re only inviting close family and friends to the after-party, consider sending out two versions of the invitations to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. 

— Dress code Whether you’re going formal, fancy, or fun, it’s helpful to include a dress code in your invitations to inform your guests of any need-to-know attire requirements, particularly in the case of religious ceremonies if they’re non-Jewish. 

— RSVP request – You’ll most likely need to inform your venues and catering service of the number of guests attending the celebration. As such, be sure to include a specific RSVP response date that’s three to four weeks before the event. This will give both you and your guests time to plan. 

Bat mitzvah invitation wording

When informing guests of your daughter’s bat mitzvah celebration, consider the theme, formality, and location of the event when designing and wording the invitations. 

If you plan to hold the reception in a lavish garden, you may want to embellish your invites with blooming florals and winding green vines. If the reception is more formal, consider using an elegant font on a simple, clean design. 

But, of course, the most important aspect of a party invitation is the wording. 

Bat mitzvah service and celebration at temple wording

If you plan to celebrate a more formal occasion at a synagogue, use simple and straightforward language to share the event with family and friends:


“Mitzvah Marquee” by Paperless PostMitzvah Marquee” by Paperless Post.


— A simple yet eye-catching invite – This bat mitzvah card is a performance in and of itself. Keep the words simple and let the card be the show-stopper. 


With much gratitude and joy

Daisy and Moses Herzog invite you to join us

as we safely celebrate in person as our daughter


is called to the Torah

as a Bat Mitzvah

Saturday, December 17th at 10:00 am

Temple B’nai B’rith

For both the service and celebration.

408 Wyoming Ave.

Kingston PA 18704 USA

As of now, masks are still encouraged

RSVP by November 1, 2021, to let us know whether you will be joining us or unable to attend the event. Please note any dietary requirements.


Bat mitzvah service and hotel reception wording

Following the Bat Mitzvah service, many choose to hold the reception in a different locale than the hallowed halls of a local temple. In some cases, it’s the glitzy ballroom of a hotel. The glamorous backdrop, with beautiful chandeliers adorning the ceilings, and possibly even a cascading chocolate fountain, is a great set-up for a night of festivities. 

If you’re interested in a hotel reception for your adult-to-be, consider fanciful and informative language when writing the invitation:


“Sprawling Script” by Sugar Paper for Paperless PostSprawling Script” by Sugar Paper for Paperless Post.


— An elegantly ornate invite Invite a bit of refinement to the celebration. Keep it informative while still adding a bit of fanciful prose when the mood is right.


Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Morgenstern

Invite You To Join Them

As Their Daughter


Is Called To The Torah As A Bat Mitzvah

Saturday, December 17th at 10 a.m.

Temple B’Nai B’Rith

Celebration at 8 PM at The Waldorf Astoria

Please Reply



“Bat Mitzvah Lighting” by Paperless PostBat Mitzvah Lighting” by Paperless Post.


— A glitzy yet straightforward invite – It’s a hint of glamour and sophistication, coupled with straightforward language that’ll have your guests RSVPing straight away. 


We celebrate today as 

traditions of the past

are shared for the future.

Please join us as Marjorie

becomes a Bat Mitzvah 

on December 17th at 10 a.m. 

The ceremony will be held at Temple B’nai B’rith

followed by a reception at The Plaza.

Please RSVP and dress in your grandest attire.


“Brushstroke Star - Blossom” by Paperless PostBrushstroke Star – Blossom” by Paperless Post.


— A star-studded invite – Put your bat mitzvah star front and center with an invitation that’ll dazzle alongside your words. 


Come one and all to celebrate our daughter 


as she becomes a Bat Mitzvah 

on the wonderful day of August 5th

Following a ceremony at Temple B’nai B’rith,

we will hold a celebration at Posh-Plus Resort

on 2112 Market St. 

Festivities begin at 3 p.m. and continue at the venue at 6 p.m.

Please RSVP as soon as possible!


Bat Mitzvah At-Home Service and Reception Wording

There’s truly no place like home. For some bat-mitzvah planners, hosting the ceremony and reception at home is not only a cheaper option but a more intimate option as well. 

It could be a casual backyard get-together, complete with Star-of-David–shaped cookies and home-cooked latkes, or a fancy dinner party of feast-worthy proportions. Either way, you’ll need an invitation to match:


“Pink Dots” by Linda and Harriett for Paperless PostPink Dots” by Linda & Harriett for Paperless Post.


— A sweet and simple invite Welcome family and friends to your home with an uncomplicated and charming invitation.


We invite our close friends and family 

To our home on the day of May 18th

To celebrate our daughter 

Marjorie Marie 

As she’s called to the Torah

Both the ceremony and reception will be held

At 123 Homely Street Lane

Please RSVP 

We hope to see you all there, wearing your best cocktail-hour attire


“Naxos” by Jonathan Adler for Paperless PostNaxos” by Jonathan Adler for Paperless Post.


— A traditional invite – It’s a divine way to remind guests of the meaning behind such a sacred and celebrated tradition. 


With gratitude to Hashem,

Daisy & Moses Herzog

Invite you to celebrate

The Bat Mitzvah of

Marjorie Marie

Sunday, June 6, 2021

12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Marjorie’s Home

408 Wyoming Ave. 


B’not mitzvah invitations

Unfortunately, the last year disrupted many much-awaited occasions and celebrations. If you want to stay socially distanced, but still celebrate your daughter’s entrance into adulthood, consider a virtual ceremony. Close friends and family members can look on as your daughter reads her first words from the Torah, and then celebrate with a virtual happy hour. 

Complement the virtual occasion with a virtual invitation to match:


“Dancing Roses” FlyerDancing Roses” Flyer.


Floral and flashy invite – A virtual invite will dance its way into guests’ inboxes, sure to delight all loved ones, no matter how far. 


Hosted by Daisy and Moses Herzog

We cordially invite you to the online celebration of our daughter Marjorie as she’s called to the Torah! Please stay after the reading for an online celebration. 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

1:00 p.m. EST

Follow the link to attend! 


Bat mitzvah save the dates

Of course, you’ll want to notify your guests a few months before the occasion with a save the date. A save the date serves as the bat mitzvah’s official announcement—and it’s a helpful hint to guests who’ll need to make travel arrangements for the big day. 

Every save the date should include the child’s name, the date, and the location of the ceremony, and maybe even a link to a gift registry. When crafting the invitation, stay brief. Save paper, and time, by sending short-and-sweet save the dates online with virtual save the dates:


Marjorie’s Bat Mitzvah

Hosted by Daisy and Moses Herzog 

Please mark this date for Marjorie’s bat mitzvah. We know these are unusual times, but we’re hoping we can safely gather later this year.

Saturday, December 4

2:00 PM EST

Hillwood Temple

512 N. Ridge Road

IL, 60045


Bar Mitzvah Invitation Wording

If you’re the parent of a soon-to-be man, you’ll want your invitations to reflect the day. In addition to the necessary information, like date, location, and time, you’ll also want to convey a sense of maturity within every invitation you write—of course, formality and theme also play a large part in how the invitations are written.


Bar Mitzvah Formal Invitation

Bar mitzvahs are often associated with formally dressed boys and girls welcoming in the first prospect of adulthood. If you’re opting for a traditional suit-and-tie dress code, a modest invitation would make the perfect pairing to accessorize your son’s celebration:  


“Flourish - Cream Black” by Bernard Maisner for Paperless PostFlourish – Cream Black” by Bernard Maisner for Paperless Post.


— A decorative and dignified invite – Share your son’s elevated status with a regal invitation and language that reigns supreme. 


Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Disraeli

invite you to join them

as their son




is called to the Torah

as a Bar Mitzvah


Saturday, the seventeenth of December

at ten o’clock in the morning

Temple B’nai B’rith



Celebrate with us

at eight o’clock in the evening

28 St. James’ Street



Semi-formal Bar Mitzvah wording

Maybe you don’t want to go full-formal. Instead, the celebration will elicit cocktail-hour elegance, without the stuffy ties. In that case, opt for an invitation that’s just as approachable as your party-to-be:


“Momentous” by Paperless PostMomentous” by Paperless Post.


— A momentous invitation – Surprise guests with an invitation that’s sure to have them running for their yarmulkes. 


Daisy and Moses Herzog

Invite you to join them as their son


Is called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah

Saturday, December 17th at 10:00 a.m.

Temple B’nai B’rith | Celebration at 9:00 p.m.

28 St. James Street  | Please Reply


Modern bar mitzvah wording

While tradition is a meaningful aspect of bar mitzvah ceremonies, it doesn’t have to override the entire celebration. If you’re throwing a modern bash, invite your friends and family with state-of-the-art designs:


— An elegant invite – Notify guests of the big day with a bold statement piece—and statement. 


Seymour’s becoming

A Bat Mitzvah

Join the Levovs as they

Celebrate his 13th birthday

May 12 at 10 a.m.

Temple B’Nai Shalom

Party at 7 p.m.

402 Maple Avenue


Please Reply


Drive-by bar mitzvah wording

Perhaps you’re not ready to get together with friends and family just yet. A drive-by bar mitzvah celebration in which guests can congratulate your child from the safety of their cars is a great way to celebrate in style. Invite your guests with an invitation that captivates:


“Confetti Star” FlyerConfetti Star” Flyer.


— A celebratory invite – Blow the horn on your child’s big day with an animated Bar Mitzvah card that brings guests in on the action.


Hosted by Heidi and Mitch Adler

We’re hosting a car parade to celebrate Justin’s bar mitzvah! Please honk and bring signs to make it special for the birthday boy. The neighbors are gonna love this!

Saturday, April 3

5:00 EST

5 Republic St.

Cincinnati, OH 45202


Bar mitzvah save the date wording

Secure the perfect weekend for a bar mitzvah celebration with a virtual save the date:


“Banner Photo” FlyerBanner Photo” Flyer.


Bannered invite – Announce your son’s big day with a notice that’s virtually flawless. 


Hosted by Heidi and Mitch Adler

Please mark this date for Justin’s bar mitzvah. We know these are unusual times, but we’re hoping we can safely gather later this year.

Saturday, December 4, 2:00 PM EST

Hillwood Temple 512 N. Ridge Rd.

IL, 60045


B’Nai Invitation Wording

Whether you’re planning for twins or a close set of best friends, a B’nai is just double the fun. Give your guests a sneak peek of the festivities with an invite that ignites interest, and hearts.


“Modern Fireworks” FlyerModern Fireworks” Flyer.


Sparkling invite – Start off the ceremonies with a bang. The simple, yet captivating design works perfectly with swift language.


Join us for a B’Nai Mitzvah

Hosted by Yael and David Antonoff

You’re invited to the celebration of our sons Joseph and Justin as they are called to the Torah! Please stay after the readings for a socially distant celebration. 

Friday, March 26

1:00 PM EDT

Hillwood Temple 512 N. Ridge Rd.

IL, 60045


How far in advance do you send B-mitzvah invitations?

After beautifully designing the invitations and adding all the right information, we recommend ordering the invitations about three to four months before the event. Once the invitations arrive in the mail, you’ll want to send them out to guests no later than one month before the event

This way, guests will have enough time to make the proper arrangements, whether it’s buying a new dress, booking a flight, or arranging for a babysitter if needed. 


Paperless Post: hand-crafted invites for your child’s special day

Whether it’s a bat mitzvah, a bar mitzvah, or a B’nai celebration, this time in your child’s life marks a momentous occasion deserving of purposeful planning and attention. As such, each invitation you craft should be just as unique as your cherished adult-to-be. 

Here at Paperless Post, we’ll help you achieve just that. Our collection of bat and bar mitzvah invitations are sure to help you perfect your vision. We also have several bat and bar mitzvah ideas to help you celebrate with friends and family. 

Mazel tov! 



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