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Retirement and farewell party invitations

Bon voyage! Give them a proper send-off with customizable retirement and going away party invitations. Add favorite photos, send via email, text, or link, and track RSVPs.

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Retirement and farewell party invitations

Celebrate a friend or colleague’s hard work and dedication with going away party invitations from Paperless Post. With so many people wanting to celebrate the guest of honor, including friends, family, and coworkers, you need an easy way to create and send your retirement celebration invitations. Paperless Post has streamlined the process to include guest management tools and other helpful features. Use Guest Tags to organize attendees into groups. You can sort by dietary requirements to see how many vegan or gluten-free meals are required or use them to tally out-of-towners who need help finding accommodations.

How to choose a farewell or retirement party invitation template

Think about the honoree’s personality and upcoming plans. Whether they’re retiring to travel the world or moving on to a new job, you’ll discover designs to wish them luck in their next chapter. Showcase their travel plans with a passport-themed template, or let guests know they’ve got to keep details on the down low with a surprise party invitation. If they have a great sense of humor, opt for a template with a funny farewell pun. If you're planning a company event for a distant coworker, stick to a classic celebration invitation that works for all kinds of personalities.

What should you write in a going away party invitation?

Unless it’s a surprise party, the event details should be clear. Include the date, time, venue, and RSVP-by date. While some going away parties are purely celebratory, others might be bittersweet. Keep that in mind, and match the wording on your invitation to the tone of your event. When in doubt, you’ll never go wrong with a message that conveys warmth and appreciation.

  • Join us for [name]’s well-deserved retirement celebration.
  • Bid farewell to [name] as we celebrate with snacks in the break room.
  • Prepare for an unforgettable evening of celebration and goodbyes at [name]’s retirement party.
  • Reminisce and send well-wishes to [name] at their upcoming farewell celebration.
  • Say goodbye to [name] as they embark on their new chapter.
  • Sip, Sip, Hooray! It’s [name]’s retirement day.
  • It’s one last hoorah as we say farewell to [name].

When to send farewell or retirement party invitations

Choosing the perfect time to send out your farewell or retirement invitations will maximize your chances of seeing a large turnout. We recommend sending invitations for smaller parties about four weeks in advance, while larger parties require sending about six weeks in advance. When RSVPs start rolling in, use our guest management tools to send friendly reminders to guests, or reach out to message them directly. If you’ve already sent your invitations but there’s been a last-minute event change, you can easily update all the guests at once with a group message.

How to wish someone well in their next chapter

The best retirement party ideas focus on celebrating your guest of honor. Wish them well by finding a space that reflects their interests like a favorite restaurant, or, if they enjoy spending time outdoors, look for a scenic location and host a picnic or barbecue farewell party.

Whatever the location, elevate it with decorations from Paperless Post Party Shop. From mealtime essentials like plates, cups, and napkins, to special extras like balloons, banners, and pleated party fans, our Party Shop is stocked with fun and sophisticated designs that create a memorable send-off.