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Faculty event invitations

Welcome members of the staff to your event with our easy-to-customize faculty event invitations. Add your own logo or photos, and track RSVPs for free.

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It's time to start planning your staff event. Be it a faculty seminar or faculty conference, they all begin the same way, with an invitation. Your faculty event invitation holds all the key information your guests need to attend your event, so you need to present it in an exciting and eye-catching way so they will reach for the RSVP button.

Planning a faculty event

Whether you're hosting a faculty reception, faculty conference, or faculty appreciation event, there are a few key ingredients that will help ensure that your event is well-received by your guests. First and foremost, choose a date and time that will be convenient for your faculty members. Remember that many of them will have busy schedules, so avoid scheduling your event during peak times such as midterms or final exams. Next, work with your colleagues to develop a theme and plan the event accordingly. Begin gathering all the basic information, like the venue, food, and decorations. Finally, if you are hosting a party, plan some fun games and activities to add an extra layer of excitement.

Unique faculty event invitations

Although we consider all of our templates to be unique, photo template styles allow for a higher level of customization. When it comes to inviting guests to your faculty event, you want to ensure that you find the best way to express yourself. That's why photo invitations can be the perfect option. With a personalized photo invitation, you can show off your creative side while conveying all the essential details of your event. Plus, it's a great way to get people excited about attending.

When to send your faculty event invitations

There are a few points to consider when it comes to the timing of your invitations. First, assess the nature of the event. If it's casual, you may want to send the invitations a few weeks in advance, but giving guests at least a month's notice is usually advisable for a more formal affair. Next, think about your guest list. If you're inviting faculty from other schools or out-of-town guests, you'll need to give them an extra couple of weeks to make travel arrangements. Finally, keep an eye on your calendar. You'll want to avoid sending invitations too close to holidays or other significant events that could end in them becoming lost in the shuffle.

The benefits of using Paperless Post for faculty event invitations

Paperless Post offers helpful event management tools to stay organized and on top of your game when it comes to faculty event planning. For starters, RSVP tracking ensures you'll never lose track of who's coming and who's not. You can also message guests directly with our guest messaging tool, so there's no need for those pesky group texts. And, with the choice of sending your invitation by text, email, or shareable link, you can be sure that your invitation will get the attention it deserves.