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Hosted byTatiana Berger Architect, ANFA Adv.Council

Join us for ACE Meeting #12 on March 27 at 9:00am PDT Presenters: JUHANI PALLASMAA (Helsinki) and ALVARO SIZA VIEIRA (Porto); VITTORIO GALLESE (Parma); Curated by Tatiana Berger (Porto/San Diego) ACE is a volunteer group that includes over 140 members from 30 countries. Members of EDRA, AdCo, BOD and ANFA chapter leaders are invited to join. Please open the invitation to find presenters' biographies and abstract. Space is limited to the first 200 people who respond to this invitation.

Wednesday, March 27
9:00AM – 11:15AM PDT

AGENDA - Wednesday, March 27

Note: Space is limited to the first 200 people who RSVP to this invitation. We will create a wait list. RSVP now, if you would like to attend.

  • 9:00am (PDT) Welcome from Tatiana Berger, ANFA Advisory Council and ACE Director, Welcome from Kurt Hunker, ANFA President
  • 9:10am Remarks: ANFA Chapter Leaders
  • 9:20am Juhani Pallasmaa "The Ethical and Existential Meaning of Beauty" (lecture)
  • 10:00am Alvaro Siza Vieira (response)
  • 10:15am Vittorio Gallese (response)
  • 10:20/10:30 Discussion and Q&A moderated by Gallese/Berger
  • 11:15 End


Our goal is to establish new global educational initiatives, to search for opportunities to integrate knowledge from the natural human sciences in design education, to develop resources for educators and students, and to help promote the mission of ANFA through international outreach.

Our buildings, neighborhoods, and cities directly impact our health and well-being. This basic fact is appreciated increasingly across the full range of professions involved in design and maintenance of the built environment. At the same time, we know little of how the relationship of persons and environments works in detail: how exactly our experience and behavior, emotions and engagement in the community are shaped by the built environment. 

A number of scientific disciplines have been called to help us fill this gap, including most notably the disciplines allied under the umbrellas of neuroscience and cognitive science. Encounters of scientists and design professionals produce an exciting new frontier of human knowledge, and they lead to new understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the designer. The role of ACE, as a Forum, is to curate the conversation between multiple disciplines. Please see a full list of ACE GOALS at the bottom of this invitation.

Host and Presenters


architect, consultant, educator, founder of ace, ANFA ADVISORY COUNCIL MEMBER, Porto and San Diego

Tatiana A. Berger, Host


Biography and Abstract



Biography and About Siza's Work



Goals of ACE

→To expand the global reach of ANFA and to build community
→To promote the mission of ANFA employing a diverse and inclusive approach
→To enable creation of lecture series, colloquia, symposia and conferences year-round, in different parts of the world
→To curate (and facilitate sharing of) content and resources for educators, students, professional organizations and the general public  
→To provide outreach to professional organizations (such as AIA, ACSA, NAAB, and similar organizations in other parts of the world.)
ACE meets online 3-4 times per year. Membership and all ACE meetings are free of charge.

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