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A Unique Art Auction Gala

Courage Unmasked III

Hosted byHelp for Head and Neck Cancer 911 4 HNC

Please join us at the gala benefit for dinner, cocktails, and Silent & live auctions to raise money and awareness for head and neck cancer (HNC) in the Greater Washington, DC area.

Saturday, June 11, 2022
6:00PM – 8:00PM EDT

Katzen Arts Center at American University
4400 Mass Ave NW
Washington DC 20016
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Individual: $175
Single Art Auction Gala & Dinner Ticket

Winners: $330
Two Art Auction Gala & Dinner Tickets, a CU22 book, and recognition in major gala print, website & annual report
Inspirers: $630
Four Art Auction Gala & Dinner Tickets, two CU22 books, & Winner benefits 

Healers: $1,100
Eight Art Auction Gala & Dinner Tickets, Four CU22 books, & Winner benefits


artists applied time, talent, and care to create unique masterpieces from radiation masks formerly worn by HNC patients during treatment.

Cathy Abramson
Jessica Beels
Alan Binstock
Anne Bouie
Elizabeth Davison
Patricia de Poel Wilberg 
Anna Demovidova
Cheryl Edwards
Margery Goldberg
Pat Goslee
Ellen Hill
Sarah Hull
Pauline Jakobsberg
Heather Kendall
Joan Konkel 
Liz Lescault
June Linowitz
Shelley Lowenstein
Dave Mordini
Bev Ress 
Lisa Rosenstein
Beth Solin
Terry Svat
Gloria Vasquez 
Ellyn Weiss 


All monies from mask sales and admissions will fund 9114HNC, dedicated to helping those in financial need during and after treatment.
Cover Image: Homage to Ted Kennedy, 2009, mixed media, 28 x 22 x 16 by June Linowitz (


$7,500 +
Otolaryngology Associates
Dr. Patty Lee
Dr. John Butman
Radiation Oncology Associates of Northern Virginia 

Gopal Bajaj, MD, MBA, FASTRO
Tobias Chapman, MD, MPharm
Ashish Chawla, MD
Kevin Choe, MD, PhD
Michael Eblan. MD
Stella Hetelekidis, MD
C. Bryce Johnson, MD, PhD
Samir Kanani, MD
Daniel Kim, MD, MBA
Lonika Majithia, MD
Avani Rao, MD


Roya and Ramin Razavi
Jonathan G. Willen and Associates, Inc.


Eugenia and Daniel Wendling


Bill Andrakakos, Herson’s Auto Group


Lisa and Jose Dominguez
Cookie Kerxton
Jill and Robert Kerxton
Leslie and Alan Kerxton
Brandi R. Page, MD


Provisions Caterers


For sponsorship info contact Jonathan G. Willen & Associates, Inc, 202-248-7159,

(sponsors as of 5.16.22)


Gopal K. Bajaj, MD, MBA 
Jose Domingue
Carol Kanga 
Cookie Kerxton
Robert Kerxton 
Patty Lee, MD 
Brandi Page, MD 
Ramin Razavi DMD, MS 
Eugenia (Nina) Wendling 


Alyssa Fischer-Reeder 
Alan Smith Kerxton 
Jonathan G. Willen


  • To raise public awareness of the critical needs of people undergoing treatment for head and neck cancers­—many of which are now vaccine preventable!
  • To raise and distribute funds to assist as many individuals as we can reach.

Since the first event, the fund has provided over $200,000 in grants and assisted over 400 patients during their treatment and post-treatment process. 
9114HNC is an all-volunteer led 501(c)(3) nonprofit fund that grants financial aid directly to patients who have or had head and neck cancer (HNC). Unlike many other nonprofit and foundations, 9114HNC does not provide funds for research. Instead, we support individuals and families in the Greater Metropolitan DC area, right where the money was raised. Those who suffer from this disease have to face extraordinary day-to-day challenges in their fight with head and neck cancer, and we focus all our attention on doing what we can to help.



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