Inspiration Delivered.

Serena & Lily is an inspirational lifestyle brand committed to artful design, original products, and empowering customers to discover their own personal style and express it with confidence. From its origins in the nursery category in 2003 to its evolution into a home and lifestyle brand, every new initiative addresses a void in the market. The company takes an innovative approach to each facet of its business—from product design to the retail experience.
Serena & Lily isn't just a brand name. The company was founded by the two women at its helm. Serena Dugan leads the creative vision for the brand. Her experience as an independent artist and designer for major home retailers provides the foundation for which Serena & Lily products are designed. Lily Kanter, a veteran executive, steers the business and scales the company, drawing on nearly two decades of driving key initiatives at Microsoft and Deloitte & Touche. Their shared vision to build a brand that inspires customers while fostering a creative company culture continues to drive the success of Serena & Lily.