Ken and Shino together run a small letterpress print shop located in the foothills of Altadena CA, just minutes yet a world away from downtown L.A. They started Fugu Fugu Press in 2008. Shino had worked for another letterpress greeting card company, but was eager to step out and design a line of her own. Ken of course, has always loved tinkering with old machines and getting dirty. So…add three vintage letterpresses, a big paper cutter, stacks of paper and ink, and they were on our way! In their other lives, Ken is a music teacher and pianist, and Shino is a freelance illustrator. So why fugu you ask? Well not to let anyone down, but they just like the looks of them, with their googly eyes and tiny fins. And also the fact they are both cute and dangerous. They might look silly when they puff up to scare other fish, but they’ve found their way in the world just as they are, and Ken and Shino think that’s pretty cool. Sometimes when they get to float around in warm ocean waves, they feel like funny looking puffers. It is Ken and Shino's hope that people enjoy their cards as much as they do making them!

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