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We’ll dish on our secret recipe for low-maintenance dinner parties: it starts with great online invitations for parties and entertaining. If you’re like us, it’s been way too long since you have seen your best pals, so grab a plate, make some snacks, and invite your friends for some carbs and conversation. We have online invitations for parties and general entertaining for every setting and style, from festive movie night invitations to formal cocktail party invites.

Don’t have a reason to get people together, we can give you one! Because frankly, needing a reason to party is so passé. We believe “just because” is enough to get your best people together. Plan a boozy brunch with brunch invitations, start a cookbook book club, host a groovy game night, or throw a themed potluck. These laid-back get-togethers prove you don’t need a holiday for an excuse to party. Once you’ve found the perfect invitation for your party, let Paperless Post’s online tools do the hard work. Our smart technology helps you stay organized with sophisticated RSVP tracking pages, guest messaging features, and follow-up tools. Once all the fun is all said and done, invite your party guests to upload their noteworthy photos to the event’s online gallery. It’s that easy!

Planning to entertain outdoors? Get your SPF on—summer-perfect festivities, that is. Actually, get the sunscreen, too and head to our blog for our top tips for pulling off an easy party outside. We don’t only offer amazing invite designs and party invitation templates, but also tips on how to host an effortless outdoor party. Because hosting a great dinner party, particularly one in the summer, doesn’t have to be about perfection. Gather in the garden or go for bucket of beers and cheese dip. Snacks on the beach, wine not? Ask everyone to bring their favorite bottle for an impromptu wine tasting. It should be about simplicity, having fun and being present. Too busy to make something extravagant for dinner? Proudly, serve snacks for dinner! Whether summer means meals al fresco or dining under the AC, we have the perfect invitation for your next dinner party. Browse Dinner Parties.

Spice things up and get your group together anytime with a casual Flyer. Create party invitations faster than you can preheat your oven. Use our online Flyer templates and grab guests’ attention with GIFs, stickers, and text effects and then quickly share with all of your friends via text, email, or social media. With Flyer, happy hour just got mobile. You can create and send your online party invitation from your phone. So take this bash to the roof or the backyard, grab a can and a mini bottle of booze, garnish and get moving.

Paperless Post is proud to partner with some of the world’s best designers, brands, and stationers. So go ahead and find a better way to brunch with elegant floral invitations from Rifle Paper Co.. Throw a tea party inspired by patterned textiles and prints from Liberty. Bring your friends to a beach bash with photo invitations and cards inspiration by Gray Malin. No matter what the occasion, our partner’s imaginative invitations are perfect for any fling.

Still searching or don’t know what you are looking for? We’ll help you find something that matches your inspiration. From pasta-making and roller skating, to escape rooms and tarot readings, let our Personal Design Services team help you find the perfect Cards and Flyer invitations for your party. Contact us today.