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The block party starts with invitations featuring Elmo, Cookie Monster, and the rest of the gang from Sesame Street.

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Sesame Street

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It just wouldn’t be childhood without the friendly, fuzzy (and feathered) faces of the Sesame Street gang. With our new Sesame Street party invitations, every childhood party (and even some adult ones) is like a rollicking block party on the friendliest avenue in town.

We happen to think that Sesame Street is the foundation for learning and enjoying your earliest years, so by all means, make sure to include birthday parties in that sentimental education. (We do, after all.) You’ll find designs for all the important early milestones: Sesame Street 1st birthday invitations for the youngest amongst us, Sesame Street birthday invitations for the next few years on the road. And naturally, all the important invitees are on the invitations. Elmo’s here and ready to party. Cookie Monster will deign to show up, and honestly, might keep your cake safe. Bert and Ernie are their own plus-ones. Grover (and his accomplice, Super Grover) join for more. Abby Cadabby drops in by air. And of course, what kind of party would it be without perpetual youngster Big Bird? (Not much of one, if you ask us.)

Once you find a Sesame Street birthday invitation template that suits your event, you’ll be able to make it perfectly your own. You’ll be able to customize every word in the party invitation wording, to make it fit your little honoree. Or even your big one, we don’t discriminate. Now, we’ll suggest a playful digital backdrop, envelope liner, and stamp for your design (we just want to be helpful), but we encourage you to rediscover your art class instincts and play with every color in the box, and every color in our selection. You may find you enjoy the nostalgia trip.

The celebrity guests are taken care of, but we make it easy to assemble the actual VIPs of the day with our online guestlist management tools. Put together the list by syncing your contacts from any of your email accounts or by using guestlists from past events you’ve hosted on Paperless Post. Once the list is together, a simple click will send out your invite—and leave you ready to collect RSVPs with ease. Guests can let you know their plans online and on-the-go, and you can exchange messages to take care of any last minute party needs. You can also, always point them to your event page, where you can include maps, directions, and other important party info. After the big show, collect your guests’ (and your own) photos and post them in your event page’s online gallery.

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