Birthday cards

Virtual birthday cards

Online birthday cards always deliver a smile right on time. Send instant birthday wishes to everyone in your life with digital birthday cards. Send now, or schedule a birthday card in advance—it’s so easy.

Birthday ecards for all.

Birthday cards are some of our most popular online greeting cards. Send your birthday wishes with birthday card templates with the perfect sentiment for every unique recipient. Let your mom know it’s okay to Eat Cake for Breakfast from kate spade new york, or tell your college roommate you hope they have a flippin awesome one from Hello!Lucky. Your wishes always match their personality, and with hundreds of online birthday cards, you can send birthday cards for many years to come. We have special categories like birthday cards for her, as well as designs thoughtful enough to send as a Covid birthday card. You also can send birthday cards for him. Photo birthday cards create a birthday memento highlighting a special time from the year(s) past. Our online design tool makes it easy to create the perfect birthday ecard with customizable fonts and colors as well as premium options like envelopes and liners, digital backdrops and stamps. Paperless Post also has a selection of free online birthday ecards. Whatever birthday greeting you select, it’s guaranteed to make their day.

It’s the same day every year, schedule birthday cards now.

Much like St. Patrick’s Day, you know when their birthday will be each year. An early morning birthday greeting card is the best start to their new year. Better still, you don’t need to worry about your birthday wishes arriving after their actual birthday thanks to the local postal service. You can always send an ecard day of, but our scheduling tool lets you plan ahead and set the exact time for delivery. You can schedule cards for all your friends and family’s special day at the start of the year. That way your wishes are always on time, and you can track the status of all our cards to ensure the birthday boy or girl receives it.

Stress-free, stamp-free. Happy Birthday for the 21st century.

Forget a drawer full of curated wishes, electronic birthday cards allow you to send a greeting to everyone in your life. You don’t need a book of stamps to email birthday cards. With cards starting at free and all premium options removable from designs, you can set your price per recipient. Our coin packages start at $10, or $0.40 per coin. And better still, the special recipient can always come back to revisit your note from their online postbox. No more cards ending up in landfills. Electronic birthday cards are environmentally and wallet friendly.

It’s not too late with online birthday cards.

You look at the calendar and realize you missed your childhood bff’s birthday yesterday. Life happens, don’t panic. If you realize you missed their big day, we can still help. Send a belated birthday ecard as soon as you can. If you send a birthday card email, it will arrive instantly and at the top of their inbox. Everyone always still appreciates the wish for the year to come. It’s the thought that counts, after all. Belated greetings help you send wishes (and an apology) in one concise message.

Exclusive birthday cards from noted designers.

Paperless Post’s online greeting card collection includes designs from famed stationers like Mr. Boddington’s Studio, Red Cap Cards, and Bernard Maisner and design experts like Kelly Wearstler, Derek Blasberg, and Jonathan Adler so you’re sure to find the perfect birthday wish, with no corny card design from the drug store.

Paperless Post helps you send birthday wishes online.

Ahead of their birthday party, send your wishes to make their day. Our happy birthday cards allow you to send a card to everyone in your life. From cheeky greetings to milestone moments, we want to help you celebrate them every year. Let Paperless Post deliver your wishes.