Vaccine party invitations

Online invitations, offline fun. Our clever, ad-free vaccine party templates with RSVP tracking help get your IRL party started with all the people you haven't seen in for-like-ever.

Vaccine party

After spending so much time over the past year staying home in quarantine and being apart from the ones we love, it's finally safe for vaccinated people to get together once again. What better way to celebrate than by throwing a vaccine party? With vaccination numbers on the rise, it's the perfect time to gather your vaccinated friends and family and host a fun-filled fête complete with all the things you've missed out on lately—like dancing, singing karaoke, playing goofy games, or even just enjoying cupcakes in good company.

Post vaccine party

The theme of a vaccine party (or post-vaccine party—same thing!) is simple: We're all vaccinated here, so let's make up for lost time. Depending on your preferences as a host, you can lean as far into or away from the vaccine theme as you like. If you want to get creative, mix up tasty little drinks for your guests and serve them in oversized syringes for a shot everyone would enjoy getting. Have guests play lockdown bingo or pin the vaccine on the bicep, and make a playlist with post-pandemic-themed songs. "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," anyone?

Vaccination party invitations

Part of the fun of a vaccine party is choosing which online invitation to send out—especially since you probably haven't invited anyone to anything in such a long time. Paperless Post has so many cute, clever, and customizable online vaccine party invitations to choose from, with witty wording and designs that'll get people excited to socialize again. And now, with animated Paperless Post Flyer, you can even text your pals their invites. Whether you choose to get your crew together using a Paperless Post Card or Flyer, you can be sure it'll always be ad-free and include RSVP tracking. So you'll know exactly how many guests to expect at your first big post-pandemic shindig.