Mother’s Day cards

Mother's Day cards

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Show Mom that all the nagging paid off and send a Mother’s Day card that meets her standards. Design and schedule it well in advance to keep your good wishes perfectly punctual and impressively composed.

If you can’t make it home in time for Mother’s Day to give the gift of your loving presence, our cards will help send a warm sentiment. Show her the breakfast in bed you would’ve made with a card featuring coffee and croissants or bonbons and champagne. (We aren’t all chefs.) You can send flowers instead, of course—and you won’t be stuck with baby’s breath and carnations. Cards with Liberty’s bucolic English garden bouquets, Jonathan Adler’s Dayglo blossoms, or kate spade new york’s charming arrangements are sure to satisfy your mother’s unique taste in floriculture. Don’t let the big names fool you, either. There are free Mother’s Day cards on offer if you blew the budget on roses. If your mom’s not one for excessive sentiment, cards illustrated with tart witticisms are sure to give her a laugh—a funny Mother’s Day card is the best gift for the woman who has everything, after all.

Once you pick out a design, you can customize its colors, change the fonts, and update the wording, if you like—we give you some smart starters, but the best idea for Mother’s Day card wording comes from the heart, of course. The hopelessly tardy can send their card with haste online, but if you’re running ahead for once, schedule your card for delivery for the second Sunday in May. Your card’s timely arrival will leave your mother thoroughly impressed by your efforts—and none the wiser that you drafted it at the very last minute. A photo card with a well-chosen portrait from the family archive sends a warmly nostalgic memory to reminisce over, and is perfect if you’ve been meaning to scan any images that only exist in physical media.

If you will be making an appearance at your childhood home, throw a Mother’s Day brunch to crown her queen for a day (or at least the morning) and use our online invitations to make the planning effortless.