Airplanes kids' birthday invitations

Make your child's party soar to new heights with airplane birthday invitations. Track RSVPs, ask guests questions, and send via email, text message, or shareable link.

Fly high this year with an airplane-themed birthday party for your little one and their friends, and get the festivities off to a great start with personalized plane birthday invitations. Whether you’re looking for something bold and bright, or something simplistic and modern, we’ve got it covered. Let your little one spread their wings and fly away with some airplane-themed birthday party decorations and activities.

Airplane birthday invitations

Send your colorful airplane invitations by email, text, or shareable link to ensure that none of your guests miss out on the big day! Featuring designs like ‘King of the Sky’ by Petit Collage, and ‘One Banner Birthday’, our airplane-themed birthday party invitations are sure to help your party takeoff!

Details to include in your plane birthday invitations

Don’t forget to include the date, time, and location of your event on your custom airplane invitations. If your party has a dress code, you can also tell your guests on the invite. Some examples of relevant dress codes include ‘Planes & Pilots’, ‘An Airplane Affair’, and ‘Come Fly With Me’. On your airplane birthday invitations, you’ll also want to include details of the RSVP deadline, so that your guests know when they’ll need to provide a response.

When to send your airplane birthday invitations

Airplane mode ON, it’s party time! Aim to send out your airplane invitations between five and six weeks before your event, so that your guests have time to check their calendars and respond. Send reminders to those who have viewed but not responded to your invite, and message guests directly to answer questions and give additional information.

Decorations for your airplane-themed birthday party

With party decorations from Paperless Post Party Shop, it’ll be love at first flight. Keep a consistent theme with plane-themed decor and tableware to get your guests in the mood to party. Decorate your dining table with sky ombre cups, blue napkins, and a blue pinstripe tablecloth to simulate a peaceful sky setting. Adorn your plane party venue with our blue balloons and streamers kit, and hang fun bunting fan garlands to add to the atmosphere.

Games and activities for your aviation-themed party

Ready for take-off? Get the party going with these airplane-themed birthday party games and activities:

  • Pin the wing on the plane: An adaptation of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, this game involves a blindfolded guest attempting to pin (or tape) a wing in the correct position on a cut-out of an airplane. More challenging than it sounds!
  • Flying through hoops: In this game, guests take turns throwing paper or plastic planes through a series of hula hoops, hung at different heights from the ceiling, or from a tree branch if outside. Different-sized hoops are worth a different number of points, and the guest with the most points at the end of the game wins!
  • Pass the plane: Guests sit (or stand) in a circle and pass a toy plane as quickly as they can to the person next to them, while music plays. When the music stops, the person left holding the plane is out! Continue until there is just one person remaining… the winner!