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Graduation announcements

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Let friends, family, and potential future employers know that your little scholar has entered the real world with custom graduation announcements. Whether you’re bursting with pride or just relieved to see the end of tuition bills on the horizon, you’ll find cards that make a fitting memento of the end of your grad’s formal education. You’ll find college graduation announcement designs with plenty of mortarboards, but feel free to toss that hat in favor of a typographic invitation composed in elegant scholastic lettering. And don’t let the institution on the diploma sway you—you’ll find high school graduation announcements that pave the way toward your graduates tertiary education (whatever it may be). Designs inspired by antiquarian books make a nod to all the knowledge your grad will be carrying into the working world (or postgraduate academia). Whether you’re commemorating the end of their college years or the last days of high school, photo graduation announcements let you send out your good news with a snapshot from the commencement ceremony. Should you wish to gild the diploma a bit, choose a graduation announcement card design from one of our premiere partners, including stationery artists like Rifle Paper Co. and independent editorial illustrators like the Indigo Bunting.

Once you’ve chosen a design with adequate pomp for the circumstances, use the online design tool to personalize every element of the card. Your graduation announcement template comes pre-loaded with appropriate wording, but we’ll leave the fine details in your capable hands. Congratulate your grad’s academic achievement and edit the fonts, colors, and layout of your graduation announcement cards’ wording. Your digital greeting can feature a few well-designed cues—pick an envelope liner to match the design of your card and a backdrop for your letter to arrive on. Online delivery is simple—put together your list with the help of our online address book or import addresses from your personal email contacts.

Don’t let your son or daughter leave the groves of academe ill-equipped. If you can’t spare any time for interview prep, give them support by pointing out the utility of smart online thank you cards—because there is no greater marker of adulthood than a well-timed note of thanks.