Farewell party invitations

Bon voyage! Give friends a proper send-off with a virtual going away party or socially distanced picnic. Customize one of our invitation templates in minutes, then kick off your farewell party the easy way with instant RSVP tracking.

We love a long goodbye. We don’t love a long party-planning or invitation-designing or guest-gathering or RSVP-checking or… get the drift? That’s not what we’re here for. Our farewell party invitations are here to make all the boring steps disappear, so you can focus on your friend before they do their own traveling act.

It wouldn’t be a farewell party invitation without some cues from the jet age—and naturally you’ll find invitations decked out in passports, tickets, luggage, and all the accoutrements of journeys well-made. If you’re sending off a new grad, a college farewell party invitation letter is the way to start—we’ll leave the inscribing and essays to you, though. We were never ones for great grading.

In some ways, the goodbyes never stop, even when you enter the working world. (What gold watch?) We have plenty of ideas for farewell parties held at work, and even better, we start you off with farewell party invitation wording for the office and farewell party [invitation wording for coworkers]9https://www.paperlesspost.com/blog/wording-corporate-invitations/), too. You spend enough time working, and we don’t want to give you an unpaid assignment.

Once you’ve found the design and the message that you’re going for, customizing your farewell party invitation is simple—our online design tool makes it easy to adjust type settings, pick out new digital backdrops and envelope liners, and to just generally put your personal touch on this most personal of invitations. And picking the guests will be simple, too. Put together the contact list from your email accounts (personal or work ones, your call), or from past events you’ve held via Paperless Post. Once you send out the invitation, tracking RSVPs isn’t just easy, it’s smart. You can watch who’s opened, who’s responded, and who needs a gentle reminder via a quick, one-click guest reminder tool.

After the party’s over, you can collect photos on your event page’s wall, and even follow up a year later with a fond online greeting card—because farewell is often just the start to a new beginning.