Bat and Bar Mitzvah invitations

Mazel tov! Need a hand with your design? We can help add Hebrew characters to any B-Mitzvah invitation, add a logo, or reformat any template to fit your vision. Email us.

Celebrate your not-so-little-one's coming of age and invite your family to watch the challah get sliced with custom bar mitzvah invitations. It’s a milestone occasion and a cause for a certain amount of planning mishegas, but sending your bar mitzvah invitations online will save you and your little one a good deal of sweating. (More time to memorize their Torah segment.)

Online bar mitzvah invitations and bat mitzvah invitations

Your young adult is getting more mature by the day (allegedly) but something tells us that you’ll be handling the invitations. No kvetching required—you’ll find designs that suit your honoree’s dream ceremony perfectly and tools that help keep planning and hosting kid-simple. Our modern bar mitzvah invitations match religious iconography to contemporary design and elegant stationery motifs. Celebrate your daughter’s virtual bat mitzvah with invitations featuring timeless floral bouquets and on-trend watercolor washes. Send your son and his best friend off with b not mitzvah invitation showing a few sporty symbols of their childhood or a boldly minimalist typographic design. If you want to get one last look at your kid before they step up to the bimah, use a photo bar mitzvah invitation to send out a particularly beloved childhood snapshot. Your soon-to-be-adult can consult on the design and make a few edits with our online design tool—perfect for customizing the type, colors, and digital envelope and backdrop—but you probably should handle the all-important bar mitzvah invitation wording. All of our bar mitzvah invitations include preformatted wording ideas, appropriate for boys and girls of all denominations. You can add the details that will make sure everything is right for the celebrants.

Send bar mitzvah and b nai mitzvah invitations online

Once the layout is finalized and the design all squared away, our online delivery and invitation tracking tools will make hosting the ceremony and after-party a considerably smaller labor than rehearsing the Haftorah. Put together your guest list with the help of our online address book. Or you can copy and paste a list or upload a CSV spreadsheet directly to your card. As you’re creating your guest list, you will have the option to allow recipients to RSVP for additional guests using the ‘Total Invited’ column.

After sending bar and bat mitzvah invitations online via email, keep a close eye on the headcount with our RSVP management tool. You can track responses and send messages to guests wherever your pre-ceremony errands take you—just use our mobile app. Your honored son or daughter can even create a coordinating textable bar mitzvah invitations with to share with their friends via email, text, or social email—anywhere you can send a link. After your young adult does all that growing up in the course of one evening, share a few of the memories and thank your attendees with an online thank you card.

Custom bar mitzvah invitations

Need help adding Hebrew characters to your digital emailed invite for bar mitzvah? Contact our Personal Design Services team here for all of your language placement needs. Plus, our specialists can help with complimentary design services too, including typesetting, design edits, and color changes. They can even help upload your own artwork for personalized stamps, liners, backdrops, and Bat Mitzvah logos. Don’t hesitate to ask. You can also check out our blog for more custom invitation and design ideas too.

If printed invitations are more your style, or you need a few paper copies for relatives without email, our print partner, Paper Source, is here to help. To see all of our bar and bat mitzvah designs that are eligible for print, you can view all printable designs here. You will have the option to choose any of these designs and finalize your print order directly on Paper Source’s site.