50th Wedding anniversary invitations

Choose from a range of colorful 50th wedding anniversary invitations and plan a celebration of this incredible milestone for the delightful duo.

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50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations


Happiest anniversary to the enduring couple! Relatively few pairs have the opportunity to celebrate 50th years together. We think that a milestone of 50 years deserves a lot of merriment, some guests, and definitely a cake.

So, let’s get to planning! To start, there are some preliminary things to do, like figuring out the event format, deciding who all to invite, and then selecting a time and location. When most of that work is done, you can to start designing your 50th wedding anniversary invitations. To start, scroll through the many Cards and Flyers options for this category. It’s a golden anniversary so naturally there will be a lot of designs that incorporate gold lettering, foil, shapes, and confetti. There are many other options as well including beautiful florals and intricate borders.

You are also welcome to use any of the photo card options, and similarly you have the option of uploading your own photos and media to Flyer. The great thing about about 50th wedding anniversaries is that you have more memories together than almost any other couple, and photo cards are a fun way to show “then and now” moments.

Now that you’re in full planning mode, what else is there to consider? Will there be a color theme to the party decor and do you want it to match the invitations? Maybe you’re gathering virtually over Zoom, Skype, our Hangouts and can include the meeting link in the invitation and guest messages. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out our blog for hosting and party ideas.

Designing the invitations is seamless. All Cards and Flyers come with pre-loaded text, so you you only need to enter specific details like time, date, and location. Of course, you can rewrite or rephrase any of the text or adjust the type spacing (we don’t mind!). Using the design tool, you can also select new fonts or choose your favorite colors for the text. If you’re sending Card invitations, you can have a ball designing the envelope, too. Select matching liners and digital backdrops and put the cherry on top by choosing a beautiful stamp. If you’re looking to add movement to the invitation, look at the animated stickers in Flyer or add a GIF from the media library (or upload your own!). If you’re stuck, don’t worry at all, we are here to help though our Personal Design Services. A specialist can assist with design requests like color matching, adding customized text or media, specific or unique design work, adding text in different languages, and more. A specialist can also help you more closely match your invitation to the theme or color scheme of your party. Contact us for complimentary custom design services for both Cards and Flyer.

Once your 50th wedding anniversary invitations are ready to go, hit that Send button! After you’ve sent it out, you can check in your account to track opens and RSVPs. Guest reminder messaging is a helpful feature you can use to inform your guests about important event logistics, make special requests, and keep everything punctual. So get things started by selecting your favorite invitation and clicking Customize. Pro tip: you can send up to 50 free email invites with a Flyer. And remember, If your event is virtual, remember to drop a video meeting link into the location field.

Have a fabulous anniversary celebration! Be sure to take lots of photos for the family album. After the party, we’ll help you with the follow-up. Browse our selection of online thank you notes to thank your wonderful guests for joining in the fun. Wishing you a continued lifetime of fulfilling partnership and love!