Welcome to the Post

Invitations are harbingers of the good times to come—conversations to be had and drinks to be spilled—and greeting cards celebrate our milestones and newest memories. Even a quick hello can be momentous.

We don’t take these responsibilities lightly. To help you commemorate the big and little things in life, we search tirelessly for inspirations that are equally as fabulous as the reasons you come to us, be they cocktail parties, holiday bashes, or coy love notes. Thoughtful communication deserves good design.

We’re not selfish types, so beginning today we’re going to start sharing the beautiful things and provocative personalities that inspire us most. This won’t be a place for shameless plugs or an excuse to talk about our product. Instead, expect original artwork, interviews with folks we admire, and meditations on our favorite artists, cities, eras, social faux pas, and—of course—parties.

Welcome to the Post.

Photo by Dan; original hand-lettering by Cat.