5 questions with Elisabeth Holder


The Easter of our dreams would involve a city full of Fabergé eggs and all the French macarons we could ever want. Luckily for us, Ladurée co-president Elisabeth Holder has similar feelings.


What’s your dream location for an Easter party?

For Easter, Ladurée is involved in the Fabergé’s annual Big Egg Hunt in New York. We’ll be hosting a luncheon in our Madame de Pompadour salon in our SoHo restaurant, and our chefs are creating exquisite creations for the Sotheby’s gala. It will no doubt be an eggs-travagent Easter.

Who would make the perfect +1?
A Fabergé egg, of course

What’s your favorite party memory? 
Our SoHo opening this February. We worked on it for so long and to finally enjoy the result of our labor—especially with everyone complimenting the decor and food—was like being on cloud nine.

What’s your drink of choice?
I love Canarino (an warm infusion of lemon, lime, and orange zest flavored with fresh ginger) as well as the signature SoHo cocktail at Ladurée.

What’s your early exit strategy?
I don’t have one—I love being out! But I can always say I am baking something I forgot in the oven…

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