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Whether you’re a diehard football fan or had to use Google to find out which teams are playing this year (we’re guilty!), hosting a Super Bowl party is a great way to get your crew together post-holidays. Admittedly, we aren’t football experts, but we do know a thing or two about parties. From your game day spread to your invites, we’ve compiled a playbook of our best tips and tricks to help you host like a champ and avoid fumbling this year’s Super Bowl party.

Spread the word

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First things first, get the word out with quick and easy Flyer invites. Choose your favorite design, add the essential details, and share your invite to get the party started. Email your invite through Paperless Post (your first 50 emails are free), or drop a free link in the group chat. Once guests RSVP, instantly track responses to keep an eye on your headcount—aka make sure you’ll have enough wings. Browse all of our free football game invitations here.

Toast to your team

Is there any better combo than football and beer? Save the cocktails for your Galentine’s Day party and keep things easy with a cooler full of beer, spiked seltzers, or ciders. Avoid a party foul by having extra bags of ice on hand. Want to take your Super Bowl drinks up a notch? Head to your local craft beer shop to find signature beers from each team’s city or state.

All about the apps

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Yes, we realize the purpose of Super Bowl parties is to “watch football,” but if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s all about the food. Because it’s basically just a giant potluck in disguise, don’t be afraid to ask your friends to pitch in and bring their favorite Super Bowl party food—it’s a team effort. Ordering the bigger dishes from your favorite restaurant will also save you a lot of time and stress in the kitchen. Just make sure to call a few days ahead with your order to avoid sell-outs.

You can get super creative with your menu, but at the bare minimum, there are a few non-negotiables every party needs. From guacamole to queso, you can’t go wrong with chips and dip. It’s basically against the law not to have them at a Super Bowl party, so don’t mess with the classics.

Since it’s most likely freezing where you’re hosting, a chili bar with all the fixin’s is a great way to warm up your guests. Or prep individual popcorn or party mix bags in advance for guests who want something at their seat. For the main dish, order fried chicken or wings. Just make sure you have a mix of spicy and mild sauces for the heat-intolerant. If your crew prefers veggies over meat, pick up a giant sub sandwich instead. Want to surprise guests with something out-of-the-box? Plan a fun high/low combo like caviar and potato chips.

Set yourself up for a win

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The most important thing to consider when setting up your party is seating. Keep an eye on your RSVPs and total headcount from your invitations to make sure you’ll have a spot for every guest. Standing for four hours is a great way to burn off some of those hot wings—but not the most comfortable. The next important step is to test your TV connection. Avoid the ultimate party penalty, and make sure your tech is ready for viewing the big game.

When you’re ready to decorate, skip the Super Bowl party supplies aisle. Instead of buying decorations, you’ll only use once, consider incorporating your team’s colors when you’re choosing serving platters, napkins, or flowers. Setting up the buffet? Save yourself a sink full of dishes with disposable plates, but consider an eco-friendly alternative like compostable food boats. Whether your party is kid-friendly or you’re expecting a rowdy crowd, it’s always a good idea to line your kitchen island or table with butcher paper for easy clean-up. Add to the theme by drawing yard lines on the butcher paper to resemble a football field.

Games within a game 

Cheers and Beers Flyer by Paperless Post

We wouldn’t dare suggest that football is dull, but it’s never a bad idea to have a few Super Bowl party games ready for guests to keep things interesting.

Before the game starts, pick a word that will be off-limits during the party like “score” or “ball.” Whenever someone accidentally says the word, give them a “penalty,” such as taking a sip of beer. Another great “pregame” is to ask everyone to write down their bets and predictions from the coin toss to the final score. Choose what you’ll bet on and have everyone throw a few dollars into the pile—the closest guess without going overtakes the pot.

During the game, hand out quiz sheets with Super Bowl-themed trivia, and give the big winner a food-themed attendance prize.  Hosting kids? Keep little ones occupied during the game with football-themed coloring sheets, or games like cornhole, hot potato, and pin the football on the field goal. Have more than one TV? Keep them entertained by screening the Puppy Bowl.


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