Party vibes: Our new birthday invitations

Kids’ birthday parties are the province of princesses, dinosaurs, and other fantastic themes, but what do you do when your life’s narrative matures into more adult situations? There are still plenty of ways to party, and, as luck would have it, our design team is working on new birthday party invitations for the more mature among us. Take a bit of inspiration from their creative explorations—whether you’re looking for a new location, a new activity, or just a new take on an old party, we think these ideas will have you feeling the joy of youth.


Neon Exclamation (Thirty)


Whether or not your night takes you to the bar, there’s plenty of room for a bit of celebratory (and cheeky) ambiance in your birthday festivities. Nightlife-inspired neon was a perfect fit—the bright colors and exuberant compositions of neon design prove that too much is never enough when it comes to a good birthday party.


Curls Ahead (Ninety)


You can aspire to higher heights, if you want to really put on the Ritz. For this part of the collection, we were inspired by fine embossing, calligraphy, and formal wedding stationery. These invitations are well-suited to a milestone birthday gala, but a certain type of ironist (not pointing fingers) can make use of them for a fabulously uncivilized evening.


Feathered or Not


Now that you’re grown up, you can trade party hats and parent-chosen outfits for accessories and ensembles that you’ve picked out yourself. This collection of birthday invitations celebrates famous looks that killed, but also gives you a new closet of embellishments to add to your photos. Think of it as a new birthday Snapchat filter.


All Time Hi-Score


Only 90s kids will remember these, but kids of any decade can enjoy these throwback designs. Our trip into the 80s is a tribute to the future, as we imagined it then—quirky Memphis designs (which some might remember from Nickelodeon TV branding), Tron-inspired sci-fi landscapes (very vaporwave), and 8-bit graphics fresh from the NES (no need to blow on the cartridge). In Living Color-era enthusiasts will love the playful pattern-on-pattern looks, but we cannot encourage you to slip into matching Zubaz pants.


“Seaside Sunrise”


Sometimes, a particularly large birthday number will have you looking for an escape route. These designs looked to exotic ports-of-call for inspiration (and libations). Tiki drinks can find their natural habitat in invitations inspired by classic Trader Vic’s tropicalia, while palomas and tequila sunrises will feel right at home in a family of designs inspired by Otomi textiles and other Mexican accents. Even if your destination is strictly domestic, these invitations add the much-needed glamour of international travel to an evening of (many) drinks.


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