Introducing Shadowplay, an exploration of late-afternoon light

The slant of light on a beachfront porch. The shadows cast by lace curtains. The Paperless Post Design Studio’s newest editorial collection harnesses the intangible qualities of light and darkness that fill our physical surroundings throughout the day. Shadowplay is made up of eight invitations, each named for a time and place, that explore the emotional resonance of wherever it is you’d like to be.


Pasadena, 1pm – Blue by Paperless Post


To capture that particular certain je ne sais quoi of atmosphere and mood, our designers manipulated environmental elements—fabric, glass, water, and other translucent materials—and photographed the shadows by cast natural light filtering through them. A palette of muted pastels evokes a sense of nostalgia for a memory not quite far off, though not completely recognizable. Motifs like windowpanes and water glasses—almost a little too commonplace—seem like they might be hiding something you’ve yet to find out.


Block Island, 4pm – Green by Paperless Post


The invitations in Shadowplay are less about a particular type of event than they are about tone. Their noirish languidness sets the scene for rendezvouses that are unpretentious, but still a little cryptic.


Havana, 7pm – Pink by Paperless Post


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