Introducing Glitch, a capsule collection celebrating the imperfect, from the Paperless Post Design Studio

The true nature of a medium is often exposed in its flaws—the half-tones of an offset print, the striations in an old video, or the pixelated artifacts of a digital image. To celebrate the aesthetics of imperfection, the Paperless Post Design Studio has created an editorial capsule collection that draws on the idea of deliberate errors. Glitch is made up of twelve unique invitations that lean into the notion of creative destruction in order to find beauty in modern life’s so-called mistakes.


Static Edge


Using everyday objects like neon tube lights and balloons and then distorting and discoloring the photographic assets, our designers created moody aesthetics reminiscent of television static and double vision. Bright neons were muted down into a palette of moody pastels to add yet another layer of idiosyncrasy.


Glitch by Paperless Post

Garden Glitch – Black


Glitch marries the super-modern with the psychedelic and is ideal for creating a mystique around your event without giving too much away. Appropriately, these invitations can be adapted for any occasion that’s chic and boldly different, but we especially like them for cocktail hours, birthdays, and wedding save the dates for couples that aren’t afraid to embrace the imperfect.


Glitch by Paperless Post

Worm Hole – Taro

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