Halloween cocktails and other party ideas and supplies

Let’s summon the spirits. Reformed goths, Donner party animals, and weekend witches alike can find something to love about Halloween—putting on a mask is often the best way to express yourself. We put together some fun accents and supplies perfect for a well-designed Halloween bash, whether your style is Haunting of Hill House or Scary Movie 2.

Halloween mood lighting and atmosphere

1. Flameless candles, tall & short — That eerie glow… that mysterious low light… is it the work of an eldritch hand? No, it’s candlelight. Nothing sets a mood like generous candlelight, and nothing violates the fire code faster, either. Solution: these elegant flameless candles in mixed heights.

2. Fog machine — Until one of you learns how to cast dark magicks, a fog machine is a great way to bring a haunting atmosphere to the party. (Spellbooks come in our next advice guide.)

Halloween potions and barware

3. Tiered punchbowl & crystal ball — Punch and mixed drinks for the witches. A faux-crystal orb is the perfect tablescape accessory to match.

4. Goblets — Footed goblets are an appropriately over-the-top drinking vessel for your brews.


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Halloween invitations and design inspiration

It all starts with the right invitation, though. To make sure guests get the right idea, choose something that’s more Lovecraft than handicraft, if you’re in a spookier mode—our Gorey-inspired “The Old Haunts” or our “Spirits of the Dead” are perfect for it. Or: you can embrace the camp of the evening with an invitation like “Mummy Needs a Drink,” also by us.

Ready for fright night? Browse our Halloween invitations, including vintage-inspired designs by John Derian.