Easy Halloween decor and supplies for family parties

Spare yourself the toil and trouble of getting the dilapidated haunted house of your kids’ dreams: our designers went looking for party supplies that make This Old Haunted House a nearly DIY-free project. Card shown above: “Little Treats” by Rifle Paper Co.

Halloween wall decor

Hanging bats and skeletons — These cartoon-cute bats and skeletons add just the right amount of spooky to your walls and doorways.

1. Balloon garland — Lettered balloons are an increasingly common sight, and we loved this garland for adding some Dia de los Muertos colors and iconography.

2. Pumpkin lights — If you’d prefer to keep things out of the realm of the undead, these sweet pumpkin lights add a touch of fall to the party.


Halloween plates, cups, and napkins

3. Meri Meri plates, cups, and napkins — These striking additions to the table match your wall decor, but even on their own, they really take flight.


Halloween haunted house supplies

4. Jello mold, blood bag, wacky teeth, eyeball gummies, anything that’s “spooky” but edible — The days of spaghetti brains and grape eyeballs are over. These spooky (and silly) treats are easy to assemble and have just the right amount of shock value. (They taste pretty good, too.)

Other candy — We couldn’t help but get selfish: candy corn and Cadbury eggs are what make our Halloweens extra sweet—especially for our dentist.

5. Loot bag — Save your poor pillowcases. These bags are much cuter, anyway—and reusable for future years of trick or treating.


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