Cuyana and Paperless Post

Good design is a welcome addition to the accessories of everyday life. That’s long been our raison d’etre at Paperless Post, and it’s why we’re so pleased to team up with Cuyana, who puts that philosophy into practice with their beautiful new leather stationery case, made just for us.

While our stationery takes on a variety of styles, design is all a part of how you express yourself—it’s what makes stationery such a timeless medium. You certainly fill in many of the blanks with your own bons mots, but your notecards’ visual motifs and craftsmanship sends a message, too. We’re proud to have brought fully customizable and finely made stationery to letter-writers everywhere.

Cuyana’s philosophy of “fewer, better” objects has a similar mission—to bring understated, well-made clothing and leather goods to more people (and at accessible prices, to boot). This leather stationery case takes Cuyana’s design bona fides from the wardrobe to your desk. We couldn’t resist a bit of customization, though. You can have your stationery case monogrammed with code CUYANAPP2017, to make it truly unique for your recipient—either online at or in one of their shops. Like the stationery designed to go inside it, it’s a perfectly personal gift for Mother’s Day, wedding showers, or simply a fine way to treat one’s self.

To order the Cuyana case, visit—and make sure to pick out the stationery to go along with it.