5 questions with Baron von Fancy

Baron von Fancy’s work makes bold statements about love, sex, and everything in between. The fine artist has plenty of fashion collaborations under his belt, so this Valentine’s day he’s bringing his brand of sensuality and longing to the world of greeting cards. Need a lusty valentine to send your crush? The Baron’s got you covered, you sly dog, you.

Where would you wish you could to throw a party on Valentine’s party?
I’ve never been to a Valentine’s Day party, but a private party with just my girl sounds about right to me.

Who would make the perfect +1?
Vikki Dougan, the model that the character Jessica Rabbit is based on in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. A truly forgotten gem.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?
When I was about 12, I watched my grandfather hand my grandmother a box of her favorite chocolates and give her a kiss on Valentine’s day. (They were my favorites, too.) I’ll always remember it: as soon she had them in hand I ran over to my her, and without blinking an eye she handed me the box and said, “Love goes well beyond just being sweet.” For whatever reason that has always stuck with me.

What’s your drink of choice for a date?
I only drink whiskey, and if she does, too, I’m usually in business.

What’s your early exit strategy from a bad date?
I don’t have one. I wait it out like any gentleman should.

Baron von Fancy’s valentines are available to send online at paperlesspost.com.