24 Baby Shower Themes to Celebrate Your Growing Family

When you’re anticipating the arrival of a new family member, a baby shower is a great opportunity to celebrate with all your closest friends and family.On this big day, you may have a gender reveal, some light bites or a meal, a gift opening, and even a baby shower game (anyone up for the diaper challenge?). There’s so much room for personalization when you’re planning a baby shower, but the one thing that can make the party feel even more festive is fairly simple. Give your shower a fun baby shower theme.

Does a baby shower need a theme?

While themes aren’t necessary for a baby shower (or any party, for that matter), they can make the day feel more cohesive and celebratory. Plus, they make it way easier to decorate, select your baby shower invitations, and pull off a fête to remember—after all, your guests are sure to take plenty of photos. Traditionally, baby showers have been held to celebrate the mom-to-be, with all female friends and family members invited, but today, your invite list is up to you and it’s perfectly normal for baby showers to be co-ed with both parents involved in the celebration.

What are good themes for a baby shower?

Opting for a themed baby shower doesn’t mean you have to rely on tried-and-true traditions. Some parents-to-be may still favor the classic baby blue or baby pink options when celebrating their expanding family, but others may prefer a gender neutral baby shower. Baby shower themes can also be as broad or as literal as you’d like. A zoo baby shower theme is always delightful, but so is one that simply opts for a specific color palette instead. Simply put, you have plenty of creative freedom to make the big day feel just right for you and your soon-to-arrive little one.

zoo baby shower themeAnimal House zoo baby shower invitation by Rifle Paper Co.


Whoever is in charge of planning the baby shower—whether that be the expectant grandparents, a close friend, or anyone else—should feel confident in picking a baby shower theme that the parents-to-be will appreciate. Maybe the mom-to-be loves a particular animal, or the couple share a specific hobby—those are great jump-off points for picking a theme. The day isn’t just about the little one on the way, after all. It’s also a celebration of an expanding family. 

Uni sex baby shower themes

Some parents would rather avoid picking a shower theme according to gender, whether because they don’t know the gender yet or they’re keeping it a secret until the birth, or just to be more inclusive. If you’d prefer to steer clear of traditional blues and pinks, then when it comes to picking a uni sex baby shower theme idea, the world is your oyster—there are so many gender neutral baby shower themes to choose from. You may love the idea of an animal-themed baby shower, or perhaps, you want to have a food-themed party that expands on the idea with a coordinated menu and cake. These gender neutral baby shower themes are beyond cute, and when paired with a matching baby shower invitation, they’re even better. 

Adventure awaits baby shower

Here’s an option that your most outdoorsy, camp-loving parents-to-be will love. Decorations like tents, lanterns, wool blankets, and plaid tablecloths can double as adult-loved gifts (in addition to the more traditional baby-centric registry items that guests will likely bring in tow). Consider serving campfire-favorites as a snack—s’mores, anyone?  Forest themed invitation or lumberjack-inspired invitations set the scene. Adventure awaits!


adventure baby showerAdventure awaits baby shower by Petite Collage and Lumber Party by Paperless Post

Space themed baby shower

Baby blastoff! A space-themed party feels just magical with twinkle twinkle little star-inspired celestial decorations. Think star, moon, planet, and—if you’d like to go all-out—rocket ship decor. Send out these space baby shower invitations and look into serving astronaut ice cream the day-of.

space themed baby shower Baby Blastoff for a space themed baby shower by Cheree Berry

Bee baby shower

What’s all the buzz about? The new baby, of course! A bee baby shower is a sweet gender-neutral theme. Consider decorating with yellow flowers like daffodils or sunflowers and serve honey-centric desserts. You have plenty of bee baby shower invitations options too, like this one celebrating the mama-to-bee,  this one that’s buzzing with joy, and this sweet illustrated one.

bee baby showerBumble Bees bee baby shower invitation by Paperless Post

Bear baby shower

Who can resist the classic cuteness of a teddy bear? Or celebrating the strength of a mama bear? The iconic toy makes for a creative baby shower decoration and theme for a “beary cute baby shower.” If you opt for a drive-by baby shower, consider phrasing your invites this way: “There’s a beary cute baby on the way!” This mama bear-themed card is a great option.

bear baby showerMama bear baby shower invitation by Petite Collage

Owl baby shower

Hoo’s there? A new member of the family. An owl-themed baby shower is another adorable animal option, especially with these enchanted forest-inspired owl baby shower invitations by stationer Stephanie Fishwick.

Owl baby showerOwl baby shower themed invitation by Stephanie Fishwick

Under the sea baby shower

An aquatic party theme is fun year-round, but especially in the summertime. Use an ocean parade invitation to invite guests to a celebration full of fishy decorations and food (Goldfish, anyone?). You can also serve a marine-life inspired cake or use aquatic cupcake toppers to set the mood.

under the sea baby showerUnder the Sea baby shower invitation by Petite Collage

Book baby shower

Little ones go through picture books fast, especially if they love storytime. So, you can give the parents-to-be a hand in building baby’s library with a unique baby shower theme. Using book baby shower invitation, ask each guest to bring a book they loved as a kid or a book their kids love now (and coordinate so that you don’t end up with doubles). Used books are totally fine. A build a library baby shower also works well as a sprinkle (which is a smaller baby shower for a second or third child).


Book baby shower wording

One small request, we hope not too hard. Please bring a book instead of a card. They’ll cherish the book, well loved or brand new. Please sign the inside with a message from you.


book baby showerBook baby shower invitation by Paper Source


Woodland baby shower theme

Cute animals are always a good idea for a woodland baby shower. Use on our of woodland baby shower invitations, you can pick the critters of your choosing and deck out your venue with plenty of plants and flowers to create your own meadow. If you want to provide baby shower favors for guests, consider getting a bunch of small, 2-inch plants that they can grow at home.

woodland baby shower themeFestiva Fauna by Rifle Paper Co. for a woodland themed baby shower 


Sweet pea baby shower

Sometimes, you just want something to do with your hands. A sweet pea baby shower isn’t just adorably unique—it also involves an out-of-the-box activity for a rustic baby shower. Shell some fresh peas together and then have someone arrange them into a salad everyone can enjoy. For dessert, you can even serve cake pops decorated to look like peas. For a twin baby shower theme, this idea works especially well, as you’re expecting two peas in a pod. 

sweet pea baby showerPeas in a Pod for a sweet pea baby shower by Paperless Post

Elephant baby shower

When you have a little peanut on the way, you can celebrate the occasion with an elephant baby shower invitations. If you want to lean into Dumbo as inspiration, you can serve carnival snacks as a refreshment, like popcorn and cotton candy, along with an elephant-themed cake.

elephant baby shower invitationsStarry Elephant for an elephant baby shower by Hello!lLucky

Dumpling baby shower

When you have a little dumpling on the way, this card is the perfect pick to kick off the perfect baby shower. Especially if mom-to-be isn’t a big fan of cake, consider this a better savory shower theme. Serve your favorite dumplings for lunch, or (if you’re feeling a little more ambitious), make them together as an activity. If you opt for the latter, save yourself some hassle and use pre-made dumpling wrappers or make the dough ahead of time. Assign someone to kitchen duty for any necessary steaming and frying so that everyone can later dig in to their creations. 


dumpling baby showerLittle Dumpling baby shower invitation by Hello!Lucky

Sh*t just got real

For the couple who loves a good laugh, a little diaper humor is well within reason—so consider this “sh*t just got real” invitation to set a lighthearted mood for your couple shower (bonus if you have a diaper cake at the celebration). Baby showers don’t have to be a ladies-only event—instead, invite all the couple’s friends to decorate white cotton onesies. You can even use the party as an opportunity to share a name reveal. 

Shit just got real baby showerSh*t got real baby shower by Paperless Post

Seasonal baby shower themes

Whether you’re expecting a spring, summer, fall, or winter baby, aligning the theme of your celebration with the season can make for the perfect baby shower. Here’s a baby shower theme for each time of year. 

Bunny baby shower

When you have a little bunny on the way, you can celebrate with rabbit decorations (easily repurposed from Easter), carrot cake cupcakes, and gardening imagery. Jelly Cat stuffed animals can also double as decor and baby gifts. Bunny baby shower

Cutie baby shower

A fruit-themed baby shower works well year-round, but it’s an especially fun idea during the summer. Send out these invitations and be sure to serve up plenty of fresh fruit and fruity desserts (including a cake decorated in fresh berries). Celebrate your little cutie on the way with a citrus inspired baby shower.citrus baby shower

Little pumpkin baby shower

When you’re expecting in fall, ask guests to come celebrate the arrival of your little pumpkin. Go all out with your favorite fall desserts—including pumpkin spiced lattes, apple cider, and pumpkin pie, of course.little pumpkin baby shower

Christmas baby shower

What greater gift is there than a new member of the family? If you’re expecting your little one during the holiday season, this Christmas baby shower invitation is just right. If you’re having an in-person celebration, serve up some hot cocoa and consider building gingerbread houses as an activity.Christmas baby shower

What is a good theme for a boy baby shower?

For a boy baby shower theme, you can always go for a classic blue, tie the party to the parents’ favorite sport, pick an animal to base the theme off of, or opt for a totally different idea. These boy baby shower themes are a great jump-off point.

baby shower themes for boy


Nautical baby shower: If you’re a family who loves the beach, sailing, and all things seaside, then a nautical themed baby shower is right up your alley. These nautical baby shower invitations are a simple and fun idea for an ocean-inspired celebration that’s perfect for a baby boy. Plus, there is a sea of nautical theme baby shower decor to choose from online, which will make decorating smooth sailing.


Jungle baby shower: You can never go wrong with baby animals as a baby shower idea for a baby boy. We love how Melissa of Brooklyn’s Cake Hero made our invitation design even cuter with a mommy-and-me theme, giving each animal a baby counterpart. You can also give off a sweet, cozy vibe with this starry invitation option.


Taco baby shower: When you know your little boy is about to be the “taco the town,” you might as well theme your shower with the help of your favorite Mexican food. Create a taco bar or get catering from your favorite local Mexican restaurant, including chips, salsa, guacamole, and margaritas. Decorate your space in bright colors to make it even more fun.


It’s a boy baby shower: If you want to have a simple, traditional baby shower for a baby boy, allow your invitations to serve as a gender reveal for your little one and plan a boy baby shower accordingly with all-blue-everything. For a blue themed activity, you could shibori tie dye onesies for baby boy!  


What is a good theme for a girl baby shower?

If you’re planning a girl’s baby shower, pretty pink celebrations are a traditional option, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to that hue. These girl baby shower themes are equally celebratory, and may give you even more inspiration on how to upgrade your baby shower decor. 

baby shower themes for girls


Unicorn baby shower: A unicorn baby shower is a particularly magical way to celebrate the arrival of a little girl. Kick off the party with unicorn invitations. A coordinating cake with a unicorn horn makes this girl baby shower theme even better. 


Pink baby shower: Don’t want to overthink it? Stick with pink! These invitations with pink dots or pink bows are a great way to kick off the celebration of your new baby girl. Then, deck out your venue with all kinds of pink plates, centerpieces, balloons, and more—even pink desserts. Don’t feel pressured to stick to the same hue of pink. Instead, it can be fun to mix and match hot pink, baby pink, and more. 


Tea party baby shower:  Serve all kinds of tea party classics, like finger sandwiches, tea, scones, and other pastries on a dessert table. Set the tone with a tea party invitation. Include in the baby shower invitation wording that hat wearing is strongly encouraged, as is your Sunday best.

Baby shower theme food ideasFruit baby shower

Some themes also lend themselves to a coordinated menu. A garden party-themed shower makes a great opportunity to host a tea party. A taco-themed one provides the occasion to enjoy your favorite Mexican cuisine. You can also ask mom if she has been craving anything in particular, and serve that. For a fruit baby shower you can serve a festive baby shower fruit platter. You can also surprise the parents-to-be by providing a cake that ties in with the theme (or at least a fun cake topper). Better yet, buy the cake locally and support a local bakery. If you’re looking for some matching cake ideas, head on over to our blog post about the topic to satisfy your sweet tooth even more. 

Baby shower decor to match your theme

You don’t have to go all out when picking a theme, either. Sure, you can turn to Pinterest to get party ideas for all kinds of over-the-top baby shower decor, but small touches can feel just as special. Think: coordinated paper plates and napkins, centerpieces, and balloons. If you need more inspiration, you can check out our friends at Oh Happy Day and Meri Meri.



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With a fun baby shower theme, your baby shower is bound to be an event everyone on your guest list is sure to remember—and it will be an amazing way to welcome your little one into the world.