Why can't I see the envelope animation? How can I enable it?

If you chose and envelope (and an envelope liner) but you don't see the animation when viewing your card, it is likely that you do not have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

To download or upgrade your Flash Player, click here.

Why can't I send my cards?

There are a few reasons that you may be having difficulty sending your mailing.

Not enough Coins, or, You added Premium content and do not have enough Coins:

Paperless Post - Not enough Coins

If you see the above warning on the Delivery page of your mailing, simply click on the black "Buy Now" button to the right. After completing the necessary transaction, you will be presented with the option to come directly back to the Delivery page and click Send To All Guests/ Recipients.

If you do not want to purchase additional Coins, you'll need to remove contacts from your Guest/Recipient List. If you want to remove any of the Premium content (envelope, liner, logo, etc.), you'll have to go back to the Design page of your invitation or card and remove the Premium content from the design.

You are trying to send a Free card to more than 500 recipients::

If you are sending a Free card, there is a maximum sending cap of 500 recipients. To send to more than 500 recipients, you will need to add Premium content to your card that costs Coins. You can go back to your card's Design page and add Premium content to your card, such as an envelope or an envelope liner. Adding Premium content to your card will update everyone's card, including the 500 that have already been sent out. Please purchase the Coins for your total recipients first, then add the Premium content to your card on the Design page to save..

You are trying to send a Premium card to more than 15,000 recipients::

There is a maximum sending cap for premium cards of 15,000 recipients. If you would like to send your mailing to more than 15,000 recipients, please contact our support team..

The required fields have not been filled our on the Delivery page::

Check that all the fields on the Delivery page are filled out. You will need to make sure you have a sender name and subject line for your mailing.

You did not create your Guest/Recipient List for the specific card yet::

You may have uploaded your contacts to the Address Book, but you will need to create a guest/recipient list for each card from scratch on the Delivery page. You can add recipients to your Unsent Guest/Recipient list by checking the box next to your recipient’s name in the Address Book and then clicking Add to Recipient List. Your list will be at the bottom of the page under Unsent Guest/Recipient List and everyone will have an "Unsent" status until you click Send.

Your account may not have been verified yet::

If you just created your Paperless Post account, you might not have clicked the confirmation link yet. If you have confirmed your account but you are still having trouble, please contact our support team..

How do I cancel an event?

To cancel an event, you should take the following steps:

  1. 1. Go to the Design page for the event and edit the text on the invitation to say something like "This event, which was set to take place on [Day, Date, Year], has been cancelled due to [insert reason]."
  2. 2. On your Tracking page under "Follow-up Settings & Tools" choose "Write a message to Guests" and compose a note to all your guests alerting them of the cancellation.
  3. 3. Also on your Tracking page under "Follow-up Settings & Tools," turn off the "Automatic Reminder" and the "Delivery Optimizer."
  4. 4. Go to the Details page for that event and change the event from "This is: An Invitation Requesting RSVPs" to "This is: An Announcement." This will turn off the ability for guests to RSVP for the canceled event.

What should I do about my bounced emails?

When any email bounces, it means the email address you had sent to is incorrect or inactive and not accepting our emails. If you have another email address you'd like to try resending to, you can follow these steps:

  1. 1. On the Tracking page, find the contact that bounced in your list. You can click on the Bounced filter at the top, if you'd like to filter just those.
  2. 2. From the Manage drop down, which is the gray arrow, choose the option, "view resend options."
  3. 3. Enter the new or correct email address into the field and click on "resend invitation/card."

*NOTE: You also have the option to resend from your own email, by sending yourself the invitation or card and forwarding it. This is useful if you do not have another email address for the contact, but want to see if resending from your own email will work better.

I accidentally sent to the wrong email address. How do I fix this?

If you accidentally sent a card to the wrong email address, you can correct the mistake by going to the Delivery page and entering the correct name and email address to send again. You will use the same amount of Coins that you used to send each card initially.

You can remove the contact from your Tracking page to avoid confusion. You should also remove the wrong email from your Address Book to avoid incorrectly sending again in the future.

Note: Recipients have the ability to update their email address on the reply card, which is helpful if they have recently changed their email address or would prefer that you send mailings to a different email address. When a recipient changes the email address, a new entry will appear on your Tracking page.

I forgot my password!

If you're logged out of your account, click on "Log In" in the top navigation bar, then on the "Forgot Password" link right below the login button (

For password assistance while logged into your account, Contact Us for help.

The site won't let me design anything.

If you make a paper selection and are on the Design page, but nothing appears on the screen, it is likely that you do not have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

To download or upgrade your Flash Player, click here.

I'm trying to fit my photo on a card, but it is getting cut off on one side.

The horizontally- and vertically-oriented Photo Invitations can fit photos that are roughly 5x7 in proportion. The square Photo Invitations and Photo Save the Dates are exact squares. You should crop and/or resize your photo in a photo editor on your computer, and then re-upload it to the card. These are the exact dimensions of the photo "windows" in pixels:

  1. Full Page Vertical Photo Cards (two-sided): 467 x 638
  2. Full Page Horizontal Photo Cards (two-sided): 600 x 441
  3. Bordered Vertical Photo Cards (two-sided): most are 340 x 500, and a few are 281 x 410
  4. Regular One-sided Photo Cards (with horizontal "window"): 344 x 273
  5. All square cards (one-sided and two-sided cards) are perfect squares, so as long as the photo is at least 600 x 600 pixels, the software will automatically scale it to fit.

If you need help with your photo, please feel free to Contact Us.

It says my invitation or card is saving, but it's taking forever. Why is this happening and what do I do to fix it?

You can save your invitation or card design by clicking the "Save and Next" button on the top right of the page in the "Style" section of the design tool. If this process is taking more than 30 seconds and you are operating in a spotty Internet zone, please be patient. If the invitation or card continues not to load, click the "Save and Next" button again.

I'm having trouble with adding a registry.

The registry only works for wedding registries that are within The Wedding Channel database. If you have trouble retrieving any search results, please make sure that you are able to search on The Wedding Channel site first.

Any search terms that produce over 200 search results will need to be modified to a more specific search.

You will also need to enter at least 2 characters per field.

I'm not sure if my card was sent. How can I know?

After you create your card, populate your Guest/Recipient List on the Delivery page for the card, you will need to trigger the mailing with the send button.

If you view your Delivery page and still see any recipients that have an "unsent" status tag, it means that you will need to click the send button to trigger the mailing to be sent to them.

Once a card has been sent out, your card will move from the Drafts section of your Post Box into your Sent section. Your mailings should go out in a few moments and may show as "sending" on the Tracking page as they go out.

Why can't I send my Note Card to over 10 recipients?

The Note Cards section of the site is primarily meant for small, personalized correspondence, not larger mailings. If you want to send the same card to another 10 people, you'll have to make it again from scratch.

To send a note to a recipient list of over 10 people, you can use the "Thank You Announcements" category under Note Cards, or you can use our Invitation papers to design and send your note. Detailed instructions to do so are here, at the bottom of the page.

The envelope and liner that I paid for are not showing up in the Preview.

If you are using an old or outdated browser (such as AOL, Netscape, or Internet Explorer 6) to view and use Paperless Post, you will not get the full experience of the site, including being able to view the animation of the invitation or card coming out of the envelope.

Most people use current browsers that are capable of displaying our graphics, so if you have an envelope liner selected in the Design tool of your invitation or card and have paid for the Coins to send it, rest assured that almost all of your recipients will be able to see it, even if you can't.

We recommend using the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer to not only access all the features Paperless Post has to offer, but to also have a better experience browsing the web in general. You may download a new browser or upgrade your browser using the links below:

  1. Safari (for Mac)
  2. Firefox (for Mac or PC)
  3. Internet Explorer (for PC)

Many people did not receive my Paperless Post mailing.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee that every single email you send through Paperless Post, or any other web application, will evade the spam filters of every single recipient. Paperless Post operates a very sophisticated mailing system to ensure that your inbox hit rate is as close to 100% as possible. However there are sometimes exceptions, particularly at smaller email clients (such as corporate or company accounts). If one or more of your recipients has not RSVP'd, viewed, or opened his or her invitation or card (i.e., if his or her status is "Unopened"), then it is conceivable that it has been blocked by spam filtering software.

To follow up with these particular recipients, mouse over the Manage drop down for the contact that you suspect received the invitation or card in spam on Tracking. Choose "view resend options" to find a personal invitation URL ("Link to Card"). Send this contact the Link to Card in an email from your personal email account to ensure delivery.

Alternatively, you could wait about 72 hours after the initial sending of the invitation for the Delivery Optimizer to be triggered; most "Unopened" recipients will receive the invitation or card in their inboxes rather than spam folders when it is sent the second time through an alternate method we use. If the Delivery Optimizer was turned off and you have passed the 72-hour mark, the Delivery Optimizer will not be triggered if you turn it back on (you should refer to the option below).

If more action needs to be taken to ensure delivery, use the "Follow-up with Unopened from Your Email" option under the "Follow-up Settings & Tools" on the Tracking page.

Can I retract an invitation or card, or uninvite someone from my event?

You cannot delete or retract an invitation or card after it has been sent. However, a guest or recipient can be removed from the guest/recipient list on the Tracking page in order to keep a proper and updated list:

  1. 1. Go to the Tracking page of the event or mailing.
  2. 2. Click the checkbox next to the contact you would like to remove.
  3. 3. Click the Delete button at the top of the list to remove this person.

Note: The contact will still have an active link via the original email sent to him or her. However he or she will not appear on the guest/recipient list on the Tracking page, will not affect the final count, and will not receive future correspondence related to the event (such as reminders, messages, etc.).