Track and Follow Up

How do I resend an Invitation or Card to someone on my list?

To resend an Invitation or Card to a recipient, do the following:

  1. 1. On the Tracking page of the mailing, place your mouse over the Manage menu to the right of the contact you would like to resend to and select "View Resend Options."
  2. 2. Click the "Send Me This Invitation/Card" button. This contact's personal envelope will be sent to the primary email address on your account.
  3. 3. You can then forward that email to the contact from your personal email account. Remember to remove the "Fwd:" from the subject line of the email, and to delete any forwarding information from the top of the email.

What is the best way to follow up with guests that have not yet responded?

We offer a few follow up tools to help you increase the response rate for your event. None of the follow up tools cost additional Coins.

After you send your mailing, we recommend turning your Delivery Optimizer to On. The Delivery Optimizer will resend to all of your recipients who have not yet opened the email after 72 hours.

You can schedule up your Automatic Reminder to go out closer to your event date. You can choose the groups of guests to send this to - you can remind your Attendees of the event and also gently encourage your Opened and Unopened statuses to RSVP soon.

There is also a Write a Message tool that is useful when you need to send a mass message to your guests with an update or any additional information regarding your event.

The Follow Up From Your Email tool allows you to resend a non-personalized version of your card to everyone who has not opened your card from your own email.

How do I resend a card to or follow up with an individual?

If you need to resend a personalized card to an individual, navigate to the Tracking page and hover over the Manage drop down for the guest. Choose "View Resend Options" to reveal a few methods to resend or reach out to the guest.

You can send the card to your own email, which you can then forward to the guest yourself. This is a useful method to ensure that the guest recognizes the sender and improves the response rate, if the guest did not respond initially.

You can also find the link to the personalized card, if that is easier to pass on.

Under the same Manage drop down, you can also choose the "Write a Message" option. This allows you to send a message just to the individual guest.

What is the "Follow-up from your Email" tool?

After 3 days of your initial sending date, the "Follow-up from your Email" tool becomes an active tool on your Tracking page. This allows you to follow up with your Unopened recipients at once, as it sends the primary account holder an email with a forwardable, non-personalized link to the card. This allows the account holder to send this follow up to anyone.

Since this is non-personalized, your guest/recipients can view and respond using this link and a new entry will appear on your Tracking page. However, it will not show an "Opened" status for the guests/recipients, since it is a non-personalized link.

Additionally, keep in mind that if the non-personalized link is forwarded or shared with anyone else, others can use it to reply. It is advised to mention that guests should not forward or share the invitation link with others if you have a private event.

Do I receive an email when my guest RSVPs?

We do not yet have email notifications for RSVPs. However, you will receive an email to your primary email address when a guest or recipient leaves you a comment on the reply card. This is so that you do not have to check on your Tracking page as frequently and you won't miss any important questions or thoughtful comments that your guests and recipients send your way.

How can I manually change my guests' RSVP status or total attending number?

Here are the steps to manually update a guest's RSVP status and/or total attending number:

  1. 1. On the Tracking page of the mailing, place your mouse over the Manage menu to the right of the contact you would like to edit and select "Update this guest."
  2. 2. Adjust the RSVP Status drop-down menu and/or the Total Invited/Attending drop-down menu to reflect your desired changes.
  3. 3. Remember to click the Save button for each guest you update.

Can I change an individual guest's total invited number but not affect the number of people other guests are allowed to bring?

Yes; you can set the "total invited" number on the Details page of your event, but if you would like to allow a different total invited number for specific guests, follow these directions:

  1. 1. Go to the Unsent Guest List on the Delivery page and click the name of the guest whose Total Invited number you would like to change. Information will drop down below his or her name.
  2. 2. Adjust the Total Invited drop-down menu to reflect your desired changes.
  3. 3. Remember to click the Save button for each guest you update.

Why can't I send my card to the same email address more than once?

You can only send a mailing to one email address through our system once. This is to help you from accidentally sending the same mailing to an email address multiple times and it is also to ensure the recipient is not overwhelmed by the same mailing.

If you need to resend a mailing to your recipient you can do so from the Tracking page. The steps can be found here.

What does "Bounced" or "Unsubscribed" mean on Tracking, and what should I do about it?


"Bounced" next to a contact on your Tracking page means that an invalid email address was entered. To "resend" to the person's correct email address, you can choose the option, "view resend options" from the Manage drop down on the Tracking page for that contact. You can enter another email address and resend. You can also resend through your own email. Find the contact on your Tracking page and choose "view resend options" in the Manage drop down. You can email the link to the card to the correct email address from your own email. You should inform the guest that the guest can edit the email address on the reply card, to make sure they can receive any additional follow-up emails.


"Unsubscribed" next to a contact on your Tracking page means that the recipient of your invitation or card has either unsubscribed from all Paperless Post mailings or has reported your email as spam. If you have an alternate address, re-enter the new email on the Delivery page as an entirely new contact and click "Send to All New Guests/Recipients." Or you can send the link to his/her card through your personal email and not through the Paperless Post site. To do this, go to the Tracking page, choose "view resend options" under the Manage drop down for the contact, and copy & paste the URL in "Link to Card" into an email to him/her. You may also want to notify this person of the issue so that he/she can Contact Us to be removed from the unsubscribe list.

Automatic reminder emails for events

The Reminder email is automatically set to OFF. When set to ON, the Reminder email will automatically send on the date you choose to the guests you specify. Anyone who has replied as Regrets will not receive a Reminder. This feature does not cost more Stamps or Coins to use. Automatic reminders are only available on Invitations - you will not have the option to send an Automatic Reminder when you send a Card, Announcement, a Card that links to another website, or a Save the Date.

To turn the Auto-Reminder ON, set the date and time the Reminder will be sent, customize the standard Reminder message, or choose which guests you'd like the Reminder to be sent to, do the following:

  1. 1. Go to the Tracking page of your event.
  2. 2. Click "Automatic Reminder" under Follow-up Tools at the top of the page.
  3. 3. Use the ON/OFF toggle to set whether or not you'd like to have the Reminder go out.
  4. 4. You can select what date the Reminder should be sent and at what time.
  5. 5. You can customize the message that will be sent to your guests if the Reminder is set to ON.
  6. 5. Use the checkboxes all the way on the right to select which guests you would like the Reminder to go out to (Attending, Opened, and/or Unopened).
  7. 6. Remember to click "Save Changes" to store any changes you make.

What are Messages? How do they work?

As a host or sender, you can privately message individual guests and recipients, which will all show up in a consolidated area. A host can start conversations with any guest/recipient in the guest or recipient list and the conversation is stored in the Messages area. The guest/recipient can view their Messages page after logging in (or signing up, if the guest/recipient does not yet have an account).

The Messages are private and cannot be viewed by other guests/recipients. They require the guests/recipients to log in to view or send messages to a host, to ensure privacy.

What is the difference between Comments and Messages?

There are two ways for hosts and guests to communicate.

Comments are public comments that can be viewed by other guests/ recipients on the guest or recipient list. The host can set a guest or recipient list to Public, Private (verified guests) or Private (host only) and toggle the option to allow other guests/recipients to view and post comments. When set to Public and comments are enabled, anyone with the link to the guest or recipient list can view. When set to Private (verified guests) and comments are enabled, anyone that is logged in can view.

Messages are private messages between the host and the guest/recipient. Only the host and guest/recipient can view the conversation that occurs between them and the guest/recipient needs to log in to access them to ensure privacy.

Guests/recipients are also able to privately message other guests/recipients on the site, via the Messages page.

I accidentally sent to the wrong email address. How do I fix this?

If you accidentally sent a card to the wrong email address, you can correct the mistake by going to the Delivery page and entering the correct name and email address to send again. You will use the same amount of Coins that you used to send each card initially.

You can remove the contact from your Tracking page to avoid confusion. You should also remove the wrong email from your Address Book to avoid incorrectly sending again in the future.

Note: Recipients have the ability to update their email address on the reply card, which is helpful if they have recently changed their email address or would prefer that you send mailings to a different email address. When a recipient changes the email address, a new entry will appear on your Tracking page.

How can I sort or print my Tracking page? Can I export the information into a spreadsheet?

Navigate to the Tracking page of your mailing. Use the "Sort" drop-down menu on the toolbar above the guest/recipient list to select whether you'd like to organize your list alphabetically (by name or by email address) or by the date that the contact was added.

If you need more flexibility with sorting, the best thing to do would be to export your Tracking page into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will export everything on this page (names, emails, statuses, comments, etc.) and you can easily organize your data within the spreadsheet.

The print list function does not currently have options to sort. Therefore, you should export to a spreadsheet if you need to sort.

How can I remove someone from my Tracking page? Can I add them back?

To delete someone from your Tracking page, find them in your list and hover over the Manage drop down. Choose "delete this contact" to remove the contact from your list. This does NOT retract the card from this contact, nor does it remove the ability to respond. Removing a contact from the Tracking page simply removes the contact from this page and any response submitted will not be visible to you.

You can always add the contact back by returning to the Delivery page and re-entering the name and email. This will NOT resend the card - it will simply re-add the contact to your Tracking page, with his/her most recent status (Attending, Regrets, Opened, or Unopened) and any comments left intact.

How does Address Collection from guests work?

You can request mailing addresses from your guests, if you're planning on sending printed invitations or cards. This is great if you send a save the date online and want to send paper invitations.

To set this up, on your Details page, select "Yes" for the question, "Do you want to ask recipients for their mailing address?"

Paperless Post - How do I add address collection

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The guests will see a mailing address field on the page viewed after the card, or the RSVP card (if you set it up on an invitation). The information will be included in a spreadsheet when you export from the Tracking page.

Paperless Post - How do I collect addresses

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Can I share the Tracking information with a co-host?

You can share a view-only version of the Tracking page with others for RSVP events. This way, your co-hosts or family members can see the guest statuses, but you do not have to worry about sharing your login information or anyone viewing to do anything more with your event. Some of the information is hidden to ensure guest privacy, such as their full email addresses.

In the future, we would like to expand the permissions, but for now you can only share a view-only page.

To do this, follow these steps:

1) Go to your Tracking page and click on the "Co-Host This Event" button.

Paperless Post - How do I share my tracking page with a co-host

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2) Add the email addresses for your co-host and click the "Add Co-hosts" button.
3) An email will be sent to the co-host with the link to access the view-only version of the tracking page.

If you ever want to disallow anyone from viewing, you can open up the co-host module again and click the x to remove the co-host.