What are the different printing methods that Paperless Post offers?

We offer flat-printing, engraving, letterpress, and thermography on the site. Only the cards in our Crane use fine-printing methods - the rest of the PAPER cards we have available on the site are only available in flat printing. You can see descriptions of all of our printing methods below:

Flat printing: Flat printing is an innovative digital print process that produces a card that is smooth to the touch. This process is available on 120-pound card stock that comes in both standard (16-point) and double (32-point) thickness.

Thermography: Sometimes referred to as “imitation engraving,” thermography is an alternative that lacks the distinctive “bruise” on the back of engraved cards. In thermography, embossing powder is added to the printing ink and then heated to create in raised text with a slight sheen. This process is available on Crane & Co.’s elegant Kid Finish paper, the world’s best-selling 100% cotton-fiber paper.

Engraving: Since the 1400s, engraving has been the standard for high-end, formal stationery. Once a custom etched plate is made, the paper is pressed firmly against the inked plate to produce raised text with a matte finish and the gentle “bruise” on the back of the card that gives engraved stationery its distinctive look. This process is available on Crane & Co.’s elegant Kid Finish paper, the world’s best-selling 100% cotton-fiber paper.

Letterpress: Letterpressing involves a custom relief plate which is inked and pressed lightly into the paper, resulting in imprinted text and a card that is expressively tactile. Crane & Co.’s 100% cotton Lettra paper—soft and luxurious to the touch with a distinct, extra-bulky finish—was specially developed to showcase this timeless technique.

Are all card designs available in PAPER?

All cards on the site are always available to send online, however only some are available to order in PAPER. We offer over one thousand different PAPER cards at this time. You can click on the PAPER category in the top navigation to see all of our cards that are available to be printed. You can also sort by PAPER cards in the menu on the left side of each page while browsing. Cards that are available to be printed will say Available in PAPER below the card design and you can hover to see both their PAPER price and their online price.

Are there card designs that will be only available online or only available for print?

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What are the dimensions of the cards? Are there different options for paper weights?

All flat-printed cards are either 5” x 7” (vertical or horizontal) or 5.25” squares. There are also two sizes of envelopes - one to match each card size. The 5" by 7" cards require a 46 cent stamp and the 5.25" square cards require a 66 cent stamp to send each card.

Our cards are printed on 120-pound card stock that comes in standard thickness (16-point) and double-thickness (32-point) with an eggshell finish and a soft cotton-like feel. Photo cards are printed on 120-pound card stock that also comes in both thicknesses, with a smooth finish. Card designs are either 5” x 7” (vertical or horizontal) or 5.25” squares. Our envelopes match the size of whichever card you order and are made from 100-pound stock.

For our fine-crafted cards, full-size cards are 5.5" x 7.5"; stationery and save the dates are 5.9" x 4.5"; reply and information cards are 5.3” x 3.8”. All cards have matching envelopes.

All themography and engraving orders are printed on Crane's Kid Finish card stock, which is 96-lb card stock that is smooth to the touch.

All letterpress orders are printed on Crane's Lettra card stock, which is 110-lb stock that is cotton-like to the touch.

Can I add my return address to the back of the envelope?

We allow you to add your return address to the back of your envelope when ordering PAPER cards! You will see this option on the Design page when you are creating your card. You can choose the font, size, and spacing of the return address here. If you're using a lined envelope, you can also change the font color. Return addresses cost an additional 20 cents per envelope. You can see the editing tools for the return address in the image below.

Paperless Post - Return address
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How much do PAPER cards cost? What affects the price of my order?

The cost of a PAPER order depends on the card that you choose and the number of cards you order. Certain elements also increase the cost of your order:

Double-thick card stock: 65 cents per card

Envelope liner: 70 cents per envelope

Return address: 20 cents per envelope

You can see the price of your PAPER card at any time on the Design page by looking at the price counter at the top of the page. When you decide the card stock and quantity on the Order page, you will see a subtotal for your order before you add to your cart.

Is there a minimum number of PAPER cards I can order?

For flat printing, the minimum number of cards you can order is 10. You can order up to 1500 cards at one time. You can also order a single card, which costs between $4 and $7 depending on the card and the paper thickness you choose. Single cards are sent via USPS.

For fine printing, the minimum number of cards you can order is 25. You can order up to a quantity of 900 at one time. For quantities larger than this, please contact our support team for pricing and more information.

Can I purchase just one PAPER card?

You can purchase just one PAPER card - this is listed as a single card on the Orders quantity drop down. This card will be sent in an envelope addressed to you via USPS. Envelope liners and return addresses cannot be added to single cards.

How many cards and envelopes should I order so that I have enough?

We recommend ordering a quantity of 10% more than you anticipate needing to prevent against everyday mistakes like spills, errors when addressing your envelopes, or any other unpredictable issues (we love our babies and pets, but they aren’t the tidiest of creatures).

How long will it take to receive my cards after I place an order?

Production of flat-printed cards takes 3-7 business days, depending on the complexity and volume of your order. Print orders that contain the standard stock and no envelope liner will take about 3 business days to produce. Orders that are placed with an envelope liner and double-thick stock will take an additional 1-2 business days to produce. Large orders with over 300 cards and cards produced during the holiday season (November 1 to December 31) will also take an additional 1-2 business days to produce.

Production of fine-crafted cards takes about seven business days. All orders are carefully produced to make sure they are of the utmost quality at all stages of the printing process. You can then choose your shipping method - Ground, 2-day, or overnight.

How do I view or track my order?

You can view the current status of your order on on the Order History page. You can get to this page by hovering over My Account in the upper right of your screen and then clicking Order History. You can also look at the Status page of your individual order. You can find the Status page by going to My Post Box and then clicking on PAPER Orders and then clicking on Status. You will be able to track your order on FedEx (for orders of 10 or more cards) or USPS (for single card orders) after it has shipped.

What is the refund policy for PAPER cards?

We cannot offer you a refund for any PAPER cards except in the case of an error by Paperless Post. You can read our full refund policy by viewing the Payment & Refunds page.