Getting Started

What is Paperless Post?

Paperless Post is an online stationer. It provides the tools for you to design custom invitations, save the dates, and other virtual cards using its original line of stationery. Members create a recipient list with their contacts, and the invitations or cards are delivered directly to recipients' email inboxes. Unlike paper stationery, Paperless Post not only sends custom-designed invitations, it also provides a sophisticated system that tracks recipients' responses, allows hosts to follow-up with guests, and assists in managing events. It also allows you to archive and view past events and mailings, both sent and received.

An overview

Choosing a card

If you know what you would like to mail out (i.e., an invitation for a party, a save the date for a wedding, a birthday greeting, etc.), select the category of cards you would like to browse.


You will lay out the wording on your card on the Design page. You can change the font styles, color, add a logo or motif, add an envelope, etc. The look of your card is set up on this page, including the kind of mailing by choosing your response card type (e.g. an invitation).


After saving the draft of your design, you will be taken to the Details page of the mailing. Here you will enter any information pertinent to the type of mailing, including any RSVP settings and guest list privacy for Invitations. More...


You'll now be able to view how your invitation or card will look to recipients from the Preview page. More...


After previewing and finalizing your design, you can enter the Delivery page of your mailing, where you will create, import, or upload your recipient list and then purchase Coins, if necessary. Once you have made your purchase successfully, you can return to your Delivery page and send your invitation or card. Your recipients then will receive emails with their invitations or cards. More...


On the Tracking page, you will be able to track the activity and responses of your recipients and communicate with them using the Follow-up Tools. More...

How do I sign up for a Paperless Post account?

Click the "Sign Up" or “Sign up with Facebook” button on any page, located in the top right corner of the screen. Fill in the form and click "Sign Up."

If you click “Sign Up”, you will have to verify your email address. You will be sent a confirmation email with a link to do so.

If you click the “Sign up with Facebook” button, follow the prompts on the screen (“Go to App” and then “Allow”).

Is Paperless Post free?

Paperless Post offers both Free and Premium cards. Our Free cards encompass more festive, fun designs, whereas our Premium cards tend towards a more formal, classic look. We believe in allowing you to make the decisions regarding the design and pricing of your card. This is why we give you the choice to pair any card, both free and paid, with Premium options, such as matching envelopes, liners, logos, extra pages, etc. by using Coins.

While browsing for cards, you will see the price of each card displayed under the card’s thumbnail image. Cards labelled “Free” do not need Coins to send. If, however, you want to add Premium options, such as envelopes, liners or logos to a Free card, you will need to use Coins. You may modify these options on the Design page.

Note: If you are sending a free card, we have a maximum sending cap of 500 recipients.

Where are all the options for designs and templates?

You must register for an account in order to view all of the papers, motifs, and envelope liners available to create and customize your mailing. Before creating an account and signing in, you may browse through the different categories of cards we offer on the homepage or in our Samples Galleries here.

Can I see a sample invitation before signing up?

Of course! Just use the links at the bottom of the page to view samples, or click here to view all of our samples galleries.

Will you save my draft until I'm ready to send?

Yes. If you start creating a card and then click Save on the Design page, the draft will remain in your account until you are ready to send. It will be located in Drafts section of My Post Box.