Design an Invitation or Card

How do I edit and format the text on the card? How do I fit all of my text on the card?

Paperless Post - How do I edit the text on my card

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You can click on any of the elements you would like to edit. To edit the text on the card, simply click the text area of the paper and start typing. You can change the font size, color and formatting by highlighting the text to apply changes as well as using the tool set above the paper. You can also edit your text by clicking Options and then Edit Text.

How do I format my text? Can I change the color of the text?

Highlight the text you would like to change and use the tool set above the paper. You can change the font style, size, color and also adjust the formatting.

How do I fit all of my text on the card?

If you have a lot of text and need help fitting it all on the page, click the “Fit Text to Card” button to readjust all the text.

How do I change my paper?

Paperless Post - How do I add change my paper

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You can change the paper at any time to swap it out with your current selection. Click on the "Options" button and then choose "Change Card Design" from the menu. You can browse through and choose a different paper either from our recommended selection, or all of our papers! Don’t worry - you won’t lose your text or formatting when you switch the paper.

How do I add multiple pages?

If you need additional pages, you can add another card to your set by clicking on the "Add" button in the top navigation. You can choose to add either another card or photo insert.

Paperless Post - How do I add multiple pages

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You can change the card design by clicking on Options and then clicking on Change Card Design. You can have up to 6 cards or photo inserts within a single mailing, which should be helpful if you need to include additional information, such as driving directions or hotel accommodations.

Paperless Post - How do I add multiple pages

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How do I add a photo to my mailing?

To add a photo to your mailing, you have several options:

You can click Photo in the top card navigation bar to see all of our photo cards.

You can also add a photo insert to any card on the site. On the Design page of your card, you can click the "Add" button and then click Photo Insert. You can then upload your photo and select a frame.

Paperless Post - How do I add a photo to my mailing

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Paperless Post - How do I add a photo to my mailing

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Why can't I delete the first card?

The first card cannot be deleted because it is the primary card that initially loads the Design tool. Therefore, trying to delete the first card would be attempting to delete the information associated with the event.

Can I include more than one photo in my mailing?

You can include more than one photo in your mailing by adding a photo insert or a photo card. You can add a photo insert by clicking Add and then Photo Insert. You can then upload your photo by clicking Upload New and then selecting a photo frame.

Paperless Post - How can I include more than one photo in my mailing?

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You can add photo card as a second page by clicking Add and then Card. You can then click Options and then Change Card Design to change the second card to a photo card. You can click All in the Paper menu and then select Photo Invitations from the drop down menu or search the term "photo" in the search bar.

Paperless Post - How can I include more than one photo in my mailing?

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How do I add a logo or motif to my card? Where can I place it on the card?

You can add a logo to your account by going to the homepage and clicking Upload your logo. It is free to submit your logo to Paperless Post. Once we add the logo to your account, you can add your logo to any card on the site. Pricing for adding a logo to your card is as follows:

For online sending: 3 Custom Coins per recipient (see Coin Pricing)

For PAPER cards: FREE to add your logo for a limited time.

Preferred file formats: AI, EPS, GIF, JPEG/JPG, PDF, PNG, PSD.

Your logo should be as high-resolution as possible and ideally have a transparent background. The dimensions should be betweem 400x400 and 2880x2880.

Paperless Post - How to add a motif, logo or nameplate

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To add a logo or motif to your card, click the “Options” button above your card and then click either Add Logo or Add Motif. You can place the image in one of the four corners, the top center or the bottom center within the bounding box (the dotted border you see on hover). Click on the element to change the color or effect.

Why can’t I add more than one logo or motif to a card?

Although we will eventually allow more than one logo or motif to be added to your card at once, the system can only support adding one from your end at the moment. If you need more than one image placed, we can custom place them for you. Contact for assistance.

What if I want to place my motif on the middle of the paper or between lines of text?

Motifs can only be placed in six standardized spots on the paper: in all four corners and in the center of the top and bottom. The motif cannot be placed in the middle of the page. Moving the motif by dragging and dropping it on the card will automatically snap the motif into place.

Choosing if your card is delivered in an envelope or in the email

Your card can either be delivered to your recipients in a personalized envelope or displayed directly in their email.

If your card does not have an envelope and you would like to add one, click the "Add" button in the top navigation bar.

If your card has an envelope already and you want to remove it, you can hover your mouse over the envelope image in your navigation bar and click the X to remove it from your mailing.

After saving your changes, you can go to the Preview page to see how your card will look to your recipients.

How do I add an envelope? Do I have different choices for it?

You can add an envelope to your mailing if you don’t already have one by clicking on the "Add" button in the top navigation bar. If you already see one in your set, click on it in the navigation to view the customization options.

Paperless Post - How do I add an envelope

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The recommended envelopes are options that have been chosen by the designers here to help you find the best match for your paper choice. You can still view all the other envelopes if you are interested in finding others by clicking All in the envelope menu on the left side of the page.

Paperless Post - How do I add an envelope

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How do I change my envelope liner or remove it?

Click on the envelope liner portion of the envelope. Click on the "Envelope Options" menu to open it, then select "Remove Liner."

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What can I customize on my envelope?

There are several customization options for the envelope, including the envelope design, envelope liner, the envelope postmark, envelope stamp and the font and color used for the recipient’s name.

What can I customize on my envelope

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The envelope customization options vary in price:

  • Envelope (any color): 1 Coin per recipient

  • Envelope liner: 1 Coin per recipient

  • Premium stamp: 1 Coin per recipient

Note: Some envelope stamps are free, while premium stamps require Coins. Hover over a stamp in its selection menu to see how much it costs.

How do I change the font on the front of my envelope? Can I change the color too?

Click on the envelope thumbnail in the top navigation of the Design page to display the front of the envelope. Then, click on the text area of the envelope to view the font options and color dropdown. The text on the envelope will update as you click through your options.

How do I change the font on the front of my envelope

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Why can't I enter my recipient's name on the front of my envelope?

We don't currently have a way to type the name of a single recipient, nor to preview the actual names on your card's envelope.

On the Design page, you will choose the font and color that your recipient(s)' names will appear in when you send them your card.

You will set up the names on the Delivery page when you create your recipient list. The names associated with the email address you are sending to are the names that will be displayed on the envelopes.

When you create your recipient list on the Delivery page, you can look over the names to confirm that the names are exactly the way you would like them to appear on the envelope. If you leave the name field blank and only provide an email address, the card name that you set on the Details page will substitute the recipient's name on the envelope.

How do I remove the envelope?

Paperless Post - How do I remove my envelope

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You can choose to send the card as an image within the body of the email, without using an envelope. If you see the envelope in your top navigation bar, you can click the X to remove it from your set. If you don’t see an envelope icon in your set, it means you don’t have an envelope at the moment.

Note: If the X isn't appearing, it is because you chose the PAPER (printable) option for your mailing. Printed cards all come with envelopes, even if you plan to send some online.

What are specialty stamps?

All envelopes have a stamp in the top right corner - you can now choose from a variety of designs! The default Paperless Post stamp design is free and available in 2 colors. All others are specialty stamps that have a wider range in designs and require 1 Coin per recipient to use.

What does type of mailing mean? How are the mailing types different?

The type of mailing dropdown menu in the response card section of your Design page is where you choose the type of card that you are sending out. You can choose between an Announcement, a Save the Date, a Card, and a Card that links to another website or an Invitation requesting RSVPs.

An invitation requesting RSVPs is the only mailing type that allows you to collect RSVPs and track when your recipients open the card. Invitations also allow you to set up an automatic reminder closer to your event date.

Announcements, Save the Dates and Cards do not collect RSVPs. All cards on Paperless Post will include a Messages page, so as not to completely cut off communication with the recipient. This way if the recipient has a question or nice words to share, he or she can contact you using the messaging options on the Messages page.

If you would like to redirect recipients to another website, you can choose "a Card that links to another website." This does not allow you to collect RSVPs on Paperless Post, it only allows you to see who has opened the card.

How do I delete a page?

If you need to delete a page, hover over the paper you would like to remove in the top navigation bar. Click on the X that appears in the corner - you will see a confirmation modal to remove the page.

How do I delete a page

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I made a mistake, can I undo my last step?

Of course! Click on the undo button in the top right area above the card. If you need to redo, just click the redo button.

What are the ideal photo dimensions for the photo invitations, photo save the dates, and photo inserts?

    1. Full Bleed Photo (Tall) 475 x 636
    2. Full Page Vertical Photo Cards (two-sided): 467 x 636
    3. Full Page Horizontal Photo Cards (two-sided): 600 x 441
    4. Bordered Vertical Photo Cards (two-sided): most are 340 x 500, and a few are 281 x 410
    5. Regular One-sided Photo Cards (with horizontal "window"): 344 x 273
    6. Photo Spread Vertical Photo Card: 328 x 448

    All square cards (one-sided and two-sided cards) are perfect squares, so as long as the photo is at least 600 x 600 pixels, the software will automatically scale it to fit.

How can I make a copy of a card I already created instead of starting from scratch?

If you have created a card and would like to create a new card with everything exactly the same, but with some slight modifications, you can clone the card instead of starting over.

The ability to clone cards is in your Post Box; this allows you to recreate cards and personalize thank you notes much easier than before.

Below are the steps to follow:

  1. 1. Click on the "My Post Box" tab at the top of the screen after logging in to open the view of all your sent and drafted cards.
  2. 2. Find the card you'd like to copy and click the "Clone" button under Actions.
  3. 3. Click on "Drafts" on the left side of the screen to view the copy, and use the gray arrow on the right to begin editing the Design and Details page of your new card.

Note: The clone will have a number in the name to distinguish it from your original, which you should remove on the Details page (the Send page for Note Cards) before you send the card.

Paperless Post - Getting Started

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Note: Cards that have been customized by our support team (e.g. multiple logo placements) cannot be cloned and edited due to the custom work. Please contact us for more assistance.

Will you save my draft until I'm ready to send?

Yes. If you start creating a card and then click Save on the Design page, the draft will remain in your account until you are ready to send. It will be located in Drafts section of My Post Box.

Why is Adobe Flash required for creating cards?

Web browsers are becoming increasingly faster and more capable of supporting complex and remarkable online interactions. However, there are some things that they are still not capable of without assistance such as 3D, quality font display, and high-speed image rendering. These are elements that our website needs to look and feel as good as it does - this is where Adobe Flash comes in. We are aware that Flash isn’t available on all platforms and devices you use to access the site and we are looking for ways to support our site in those environments. However, it is available to a large majority of the web and provides a consistent experience across platforms and browsers.

To be clear, Flash is only required for creating cards. Managing your event and receiving cards works completely without Flash. However, Flash is required to experience Paperless Post in its most interactive and functional form.

To download or upgrade your Flash Player, click here.

How can I send personalized cards to my recipients?

All recipients of a single card will see the same exact card, even if you update the card after sending. If you need to personalize the message on the card per recipient, you will need to make an individual card per person.

You can easily make a copy of a card, so you do not have to start over each time.

We recommend previewing your card on the Preview page before sending, even if you only changed the name of your recipient, just to double check everything in its entirety.