Is Paperless Post free?

Paperless Post offers both Free and Premium cards. Our Free cards encompass more festive, fun designs, whereas our Premium cards tend towards a more formal, classic look. We believe in allowing you to make the decisions regarding the design and pricing of your card. This is why we give you the choice to pair any card, both free and paid, with Premium options, such as matching envelopes, liners, logos, extra pages, etc. by using Coins.

While browsing for cards, you will see the price of each card displayed under the card’s thumbnail image. Cards labelled “Free” do not need Coins to send. If, however, you want to add Premium options, such as envelopes, liners or logos to a Free card, you will need to use Coins. You may modify these options on the Design page.

Note: If you are sending a free card, we have a maximum sending cap of 500 recipients.

What are Coins?

Coins are used when you choose one of our Premium (formal or designer) cards and if you choose to add Premium content to your card, including envelopes, liners and logos.

You can add Premium content to your mailing during the design process. You will pay for this content with Coins when you send.

Each customization has a different cost:

Premium Card = 1-5 Coins per recipient
Envelope = 1 Coin per recipient
Envelope Liner = 1 Coin per recipient
Logo(s) = 3 Coins per recipient

Here are the Coin packages:

$5.00 for 25 Coins
$12.00 for 75 Coins
$16.00 for 150 Coins
$26.00 for 300 Coins
$45.00 for 600 Coins
$65.00 for 1000 Coins
$195.00 for 3000 Coins
$325.00 for 5000 Coins

You’ll see a pricing breakdown for your mailing next to the event name, at the top of the page. Click on it to learn what Premium content you have applied. The number of Coins applies per recipient you are sending to.

Multiple packages of Coins will need to be purchased in separate transactions. You may also contact us directly to do this more efficiently.

Free Coins will stay active and available on your account for 1 year from the day that you register and purchased Coins will stay active and available on your account for 2 years from the date of purchase.

How can I track costs during the design process?

Paperless Post - How many coins do I need

Click to enlarge.

Once you have selected a card to work on, you can click the “Price” button next to your event’s name to see a breakdown of Coins required, if any. You can return to the Design page at any time if you want to modify your choices and adjust the number of Coins needed per card. You can see the pricing breakdown at the top of every page while you work on your card. If you do not see a Price button at the top of your page, this means that you are sending a free card.

What is the difference between sending for free and paid sending?

Paperless Post offers some card designs that are free to send when there are no additional custom options applied. When you add custom options to your free card, it will require Coins and no longer be entirely free. Some of the free cards include suggested custom options, such as an envelope and liner, which can be changed or removed on the Design page.

A free card has a sending limit of 500 recipients, which can be increased to 15,000 recipients by adding a custom option on the Design page. All paid mailings have a sending limit of 15,000 recipients.

When sending a free invitation, the Guest List Preferences on the Details page will automatically be set to a public guest list, which allows your guests to see who else you have invited and their responses. The public guest list is a great way for everyone to engage with your event and get excited even before the party starts! You can change this setting on the Details page in step 4 if you prefer to have a private guest list. Learn more about public guest lists here.

Can I return Coins if I bought too many? Do they expire?

We do not offer refunds for Coins, however you have a whole two years to use them. Our refund and expiration policy can be viewed here.

Do I have to spend my Coins to send a preview to myself or to someone else?

No. You can send yourself a free preview email from the Preview page of your mailing by clicking the "Send Me a Free Test" button. That preview email will be sent to the primary email address on your account, and it can be forwarded to anyone without spending any of your Coins.

Note: The "Send me a free test" feature does not yet exist for Note Cards. To send someone else the preview of your Note Card, you can instead go to the Send page of the Note Card, click on the "Preview" button, and copy & paste the URL in your browser window into an email to that person.

Can I add extra customization to only some cards but not to others in a mailing? What happens if I remove the customizations?

No. If you choose to add extra customizations, they are applied to the entire mailing and you are charged on a per recipient basis.

By removing the extra customizations from your design, you will be removing them from all cards already sent and you won't have to spend Coins to send out additional cards.

If you change your mind after removing the extra customizations and saving the new card, you can add them back, but you will be required to spend Coins again for all the cards you previously sent and for any additional cards you will send.

Can I add extra customization to a mailing that’s already been sent?

Yes, you can add the new Premium content on the Design page. When you add a new element that costs additional Coins, the Coins for this element are immediately deducted from your account. If you do not have enough coins in your account, you will not be able to save your changes on the Design page to include the new custom element.

Recipients will see the card updated with your extra customization only when they revisit the card again. Another email with the updated card will not be sent. If you would like, you can manually send a message to update your recipients from the Tracking page of your mailing using the "Write a Message to Guests/Recipients" option under the Follow-up Tools.

How do I buy multiple packages of Coins at once?

You can purchase multiple packages of coins by clicking on the number of coins you currently have in your account in the upper right corner of your page. You can then select each package of coins that you want to purchase by clicking Add to Cart. You will see each package appear in your cart before moving forward. Once you're ready to purchase, you can click the Cart button at the top of your page and then click Check out.