iPad/iPhone App

What are the requirements for the app?

We have a mobile app that is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and any iPad running iOS 6.0 or later.

There are some features available only on the iPad version, which will be available on the iPhone version next year.

While we no longer offer updates for iOS 5 optimization, you can still use the app on devices running iOS 5. When downloading our app in the App Store, you will automatically be given the best app version for your device.

Purchasing Coins within the app

Paperless Post has a currency called Coins. Coins are used to send mailings that use premium card designs and custom options* such as envelopes, liners and logos.

  • Not all options are available on the app, but are all accessible from the full website on a computer.

Coins can be purchased on the website, or within the app. Please note that any app purchases are submitted through Apple and cannot be refunded by Paperless Post.

Can I create cards in the app?

On the iPhone app, it is not currently possible to create or edit any cards. The iPhone app is primarily for managing sent events and viewing received cards.

On the iPad app, you can create cards to send online. You cannot create PAPER cards to order in printed form.

NOTE: You can edit drafts on the iPad that have been created on the full website. However, any inserts, logos/motifs, photo filters, custom stamps, custom postmarks, effects on the text (metallics, letterpress, engraved) will be lost when opened in the iPad app. It is highly recommended that you only edit drafts you created on the iPad, or you edit drafts on the computer for anything created on the computer.

You cannot edit sent cards within the app. This can only be done on the computer.