Is Paperless Post free?

Paperless Post offers both Free and Premium cards. Our Free cards encompass more festive, fun designs, whereas our Premium cards tend towards a more formal, classic look. We believe in allowing you to make the decisions regarding the design and pricing of your card. This is why we give you the choice to pair any card, both free and paid, with Premium options, such as matching envelopes, liners, logos, extra pages, etc. by using Coins.

While browsing for cards, you will see the price of each card displayed under the card’s thumbnail image. Cards labelled “Free” do not need Coins to send. If, however, you want to add Premium options, such as envelopes, liners or logos to a Free card, you will need to use Coins. You may modify these options on the Design page.

Note: If you are sending a free card, we have a maximum sending cap of 500 recipients.

What is the difference between sending for free and paid sending?

Paperless Post offers some card designs that are free to send when there are no additional custom options applied. When you add custom options to your free card, it will require Coins and no longer be entirely free. Some of the free cards include suggested custom options, such as an envelope and liner, which can be changed or removed on the Design page.

A free card has a sending limit of 500 recipients, which can be increased to 15,000 recipients by adding a custom option on the Design page. All paid mailings have a sending limit of 15,000 recipients.

When sending a free invitation, the Guest List Preferences on the Details page will automatically be set to a public guest list, which allows your guests to see who else you have invited and their responses. The public guest list is a great way for everyone to engage with your event and get excited even before the party starts! You can change this setting on the Details page in step 4 if you prefer to have a private guest list. Learn more about public guest lists here.

Why can't I enter my recipient's name on the front of my envelope?

We don't currently have a way to type the name of a single recipient, nor to preview the actual names on your card's envelope.

On the Design page, you will choose the font and color that your recipient(s)' names will appear in when you send them your card.

You will set up the names on the Delivery page when you create your recipient list. The names associated with the email address you are sending to are the names that will be displayed on the envelopes.

When you create your recipient list on the Delivery page, you can look over the names to confirm that the names are exactly the way you would like them to appear on the envelope. If you leave the name field blank and only provide an email address, the card name that you set on the Details page will substitute the recipient's name on the envelope.

Can I sell tickets or collect donations through my invitation?

If you set up your own ticketing site or tracking system and have a URL, you can link your card to that site. Choose “a card that links to another website” from the mailing type in the response card section of your card's Design page. You will then be able to enter your information on the Details page, after clicking the Save and Next buttons. The reply card will have a button that takes the viewer to the website you specify.

Please note that you will not be able to track RSVPs on Paperless Post when you change your Type of Mailing to a Card that links to another website, since these options remove your reply card and replace it with a link. You will only be able to see who opened the card on your Tracking page

What should I do if a couple or family only have one email address?

You can only use an email address once per mailing. If you are sending an invite to a couple or family, you can apply both names for the couple or the entire family.

  1. 1. Navigate to the Delivery page of your mailing by going to My Post Box in the main navigation bar and then selecting your card. Click Create List and then Add individual email.
  2. 2. Enter the name you'd like to display on the envelope, such as "The Smith Family" or "Jack and Jill."
  3. 3. Click the Total Invited drop-down to set the number of guests you're allowing for this invitation.
  4. 4. Click the "add to guest list" button.

If you have already populated your Unsent Guest/Recipient List, but need to make changes to the name in this way:

  1. 1. Click directly on the contact's name or email address in the Unsent Guest/Recipient List, and an information box will drop down.
  2. 2. Edit the name you'd like to display on the envelope, such as "The Smith Family" or "Jack and Jill."
  3. 3. Click the Total Invited drop-down to set the number of guests you're allowing for this invitation.
  4. 4. Click the "Save" button within the contact information box or at the top of the list to store your changes.

What does "Bounced" or "Unsubscribed" mean on Tracking, and what should I do about it?


"Bounced" next to a contact on your Tracking page means that an invalid email address was entered. To "resend" to the person's correct email address, you can choose the option, "view resend options" from the Manage drop down on the Tracking page for that contact. You can enter another email address and resend. You can also resend through your own email. Find the contact on your Tracking page and choose "view resend options" in the Manage drop down. You can email the link to the card to the correct email address from your own email. You should inform the guest that the guest can edit the email address on the reply card, to make sure they can receive any additional follow-up emails.


"Unsubscribed" next to a contact on your Tracking page means that the recipient of your invitation or card has either unsubscribed from all Paperless Post mailings or has reported your email as spam. If you have an alternate address, re-enter the new email on the Delivery page as an entirely new contact and click "Send to All New Guests/Recipients." Or you can send the link to his/her card through your personal email and not through the Paperless Post site. To do this, go to the Tracking page, choose "view resend options" under the Manage drop down for the contact, and copy & paste the URL in "Link to Card" into an email to him/her. You may also want to notify this person of the issue so that he/she can Contact Us to be removed from the unsubscribe list.

Can I edit the invitation or card after it has been sent?

To make changes to an invitation or card that has already been saved or sent out, you can return to the Design or Details pages, edit your card, and then click Save to save your changes. Your recipients will always see the most updated version of the card when they view it again, so there is no need to resend the card.

However, any information included within the email itself cannot be updated after the card has been sent.

If there is a material change to your event that your guests should be alerted to (such as date, time, venue, etc.), go to the Tracking page and use the "Write a Message" feature under Follow-up Tools to email them with the new information. The email will also include a link to their personal invitation, which will display the changes you've made.

If you send a message regarding any changes to your event, be sure to change the corresponding information on the Design and Details pages to ensure our database has up-to-date information. This will prevent Paperless Post from sending misleading or incorrect information when the Reminder email goes out to your guests.

What happens if I want to add an extra customization to a mailing that’s already been sent?

Why can't I send my cards?

There are a few reasons that you may be having difficulty sending your mailing.

Not enough Coins, or, You added Premium content and do not have enough Coins:

Paperless Post - Not enough Coins

If you see the above warning on the Delivery page of your mailing, simply click on the black "Buy Now" button to the right. After completing the necessary transaction, you will be presented with the option to come directly back to the Delivery page and click Send To All Guests/ Recipients.

If you do not want to purchase additional Coins, you'll need to remove contacts from your Guest/Recipient List. If you want to remove any of the Premium content (envelope, liner, logo, etc.), you'll have to go back to the Design page of your invitation or card and remove the Premium content from the design.

You are trying to send a Free card to more than 500 recipients::

If you are sending a Free card, there is a maximum sending cap of 500 recipients. To send to more than 500 recipients, you will need to add Premium content to your card that costs Coins. You can go back to your card's Design page and add Premium content to your card, such as an envelope or an envelope liner. Adding Premium content to your card will update everyone's card, including the 500 that have already been sent out. Please purchase the Coins for your total recipients first, then add the Premium content to your card on the Design page to save..

You are trying to send a Premium card to more than 15,000 recipients::

There is a maximum sending cap for premium cards of 15,000 recipients. If you would like to send your mailing to more than 15,000 recipients, please contact our support team..

The required fields have not been filled our on the Delivery page::

Check that all the fields on the Delivery page are filled out. You will need to make sure you have a sender name and subject line for your mailing.

You did not create your Guest/Recipient List for the specific card yet::

You may have uploaded your contacts to the Address Book, but you will need to create a guest/recipient list for each card from scratch on the Delivery page. You can add recipients to your Unsent Guest/Recipient list by checking the box next to your recipient’s name in the Address Book and then clicking Add to Recipient List. Your list will be at the bottom of the page under Unsent Guest/Recipient List and everyone will have an "Unsent" status until you click Send.

Your account may not have been verified yet::

If you just created your Paperless Post account, you might not have clicked the confirmation link yet. If you have confirmed your account but you are still having trouble, please contact our support team..

What is the "Sending" status?

When a contact is marked as "Sending" it means that their invitation is in the sending queue waiting to be sent out. Your invitations will be sent out as soon as possible. If one of your Cards has had a "Sending" status for more than 12 hours feel free to contact us for help and we can look into helping expedite delivery.

How do I know if my card was sent?

After you create your card and populate your Guest/Recipient List on the Delivery page, you can send your mailing by clicking Send.

If you view your Tracking page and still see any recipients that have an "unsent" status tag, it means that you need to return to the Delivery page and click Send to All New Guests to send to your remaining recipients.

Once a card has been sent out, your card will move from the Drafts section of your Post Box into your Sent section. Your mailings should go out in a few moments and may show as "sending" for a few minutes on the Tracking page as they go out.

Do I receive an email when my guest RSVPs?

We do not yet have email notifications for RSVPs. However, you will receive an email to your primary email address when a guest or recipient leaves you a comment on the reply card. This is so that you do not have to check on your Tracking page as frequently and you won't miss any important questions or thoughtful comments that your guests and recipients send your way.

Why can't I send my card to the same email address more than once?

You can only send a mailing to one email address through our system once. This is to help you from accidentally sending the same mailing to an email address multiple times and it is also to ensure the recipient is not overwhelmed by the same mailing.

If you need to resend a mailing to your recipient you can do so from the Tracking page. The steps can be found here.

I accidentally sent to the wrong email address. How do I fix this?

If you accidentally sent a card to the wrong email address, you can correct the mistake by going to the Delivery page and entering the correct name and email address to send again. You will use the same amount of Coins that you used to send each card initially.

You can remove the contact from your Tracking page to avoid confusion. You should also remove the wrong email from your Address Book to avoid incorrectly sending again in the future.

Note: Recipients have the ability to update their email address on the reply card, which is helpful if they have recently changed their email address or would prefer that you send mailings to a different email address. When a recipient changes the email address, a new entry will appear on your Tracking page.

How do I send my card to additional recipients after I already sent it?

If you have already sent out a mailing but wish to send out more to new contacts, take the following steps:

  1. 1. From the Sent & Shared section of your Post Box, click your card name.
  2. 2. You will be directed to your card's Tracking page.
  3. 3. Navigate back to the Delivery page.
  4. 4. Add your new guests/ recipients in the same way that you added them the first time..
  5. 5. If you are instructed to purchase more Coins, do so by clicking the Buy Now button.
  6. 6. Once you have successfully completed your purchase and returned to the Delivery page, or did not have to make a purchase, click the Send To All New Guests/ Recipients button. This will send the new invitations or cards to any "unsent" (newly added) contact.

No previously-sent to recipients will receive a duplicate invitation or card.

What is the best way to follow up with guests that have not yet responded?

We offer a few follow up tools to help you increase the response rate for your event. None of the follow up tools cost additional Coins.

After you send your mailing, we recommend turning your Delivery Optimizer to On. The Delivery Optimizer will resend to all of your recipients who have not yet opened the email after 72 hours.

You can schedule up your Automatic Reminder to go out closer to your event date. You can choose the groups of guests to send this to - you can remind your Attendees of the event and also gently encourage your Opened and Unopened statuses to RSVP soon.

There is also a Write a Message tool that is useful when you need to send a mass message to your guests with an update or any additional information regarding your event.

The Follow Up From Your Email tool allows you to resend a non-personalized version of your card to everyone who has not opened your card from your own email.

How do I resend an Invitation or Card to someone on my list?

To resend an Invitation or Card to a recipient, do the following:

  1. 1. On the Tracking page of the mailing, place your mouse over the Manage menu to the right of the contact you would like to resend to and select "View Resend Options."
  2. 2. Click the "Send Me This Invitation/Card" button. This contact's personal envelope will be sent to the primary email address on your account.
  3. 3. You can then forward that email to the contact from your personal email account. Remember to remove the "Fwd:" from the subject line of the email, and to delete any forwarding information from the top of the email.

How can I make a copy of a card I already created instead of starting from scratch?

If you have created a card and would like to create a new card with everything exactly the same, but with some slight modifications, you can clone the card instead of starting over.

The ability to clone cards is in your Post Box; this allows you to recreate cards and personalize thank you notes much easier than before.

Below are the steps to follow:

  1. 1. Click on the "My Post Box" tab at the top of the screen after logging in to open the view of all your sent and drafted cards.
  2. 2. Find the card you'd like to copy and click the "Clone" button under Actions.
  3. 3. Click on "Drafts" on the left side of the screen to view the copy, and use the gray arrow on the right to begin editing the Design and Details page of your new card.

Note: The clone will have a number in the name to distinguish it from your original, which you should remove on the Details page (the Send page for Note Cards) before you send the card.

Paperless Post - Getting Started

Click to enlarge.

Note: Cards that have been customized by our support team (e.g. multiple logo placements) cannot be cloned and edited due to the custom work. Please contact us for more assistance.

Why is Adobe Flash required for creating cards?

Web browsers are becoming increasingly faster and more capable of supporting complex and remarkable online interactions. However, there are some things that they are still not capable of without assistance such as 3D, quality font display, and high-speed image rendering. These are elements that our website needs to look and feel as good as it does - this is where Adobe Flash comes in. We are aware that Flash isn’t available on all platforms and devices you use to access the site and we are looking for ways to support our site in those environments. However, it is available to a large majority of the web and provides a consistent experience across platforms and browsers.

To be clear, Flash is only required for creating cards. Managing your event and receiving cards works completely without Flash. However, Flash is required to experience Paperless Post in its most interactive and functional form.

To download or upgrade your Flash Player, click here.